Experts' opinion

Sidorov Arsenty

CEO of Sci-Tech Center Etalon

BIM technologies help control construction quality


BIM-technologies help not only to design modern buildings, but also to monitor construction, monitor the performance of contractors at all stages, monitor occupational safety and compliance with safety rules at the site, said Arseniy Sidorov, General Director of STC Etalon.

“Our holding since 2012 began to test BIM-technology. At first, we used them only in design, and as the model of technology developed, they came with us to the site itself. The information model allows companies to calculate the future scenario of construction, calculate the cost and terms, workload of specialists, analyze the progress of work, and minimize costs. On a regular basis, the fact of the work performed is entered into the BIM-model, and the system itself gives feedback, thanks to which you can calculate in advance a possible deadline, adjust the work of contractors or make a management decision. BIM is also used in labor protection, maintaining safety at sites and, as a result, improving the quality of construction. The inspector collects data in seven directions, identifies and evaluates violations, enters the model and these data fall into the analysis for specialists who respond in a timely manner and eliminate the violations” the expert notes.

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