Sergei Levkin: Fist steps on digitalization of network companies have already been done

The experiment on unification, the reducing of timing, transfer in e-format the procedure of technical conditions issuance, the design of acts for technical connection, says the Head of Urban Planning policy Department, Sergey Levkin.

He stressed out that the work is done according to the assignment of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. The main goals of the experiment are transfer of connection of networks in e-format, the reduction of procedures timing including the reduction by unified application via regional website of state services.

Moreover, the other goal is to unify the requirements for documents for technical conditions issuance and  for the contract for technical connection to networks. The opportunity to apply via is also required.

“ In the future we are planning to provide the opportunity to sign the contract for connection to each type of networks and passage of all procedures for this connection via Moscow Mayor official website”.- added Levkin

Source: Urban Planning policy Department