Constrtuction becomes easier

16 services of network companies will be translated into electronic form until the end of the year The authorities of the capital continue to work to reduce administrative procedures in the construction sector. Soon, developers will be able to enter into contracts for connection to the networks of engineering and technical support through the official… Read more

Services will be  transferred to the electronic form

On 22th of July the head of the Department of Urban Policy Sergei Levkin said that before the end of the year the city authorities are planning to complete the transfer of electronic services to 16 services of network companies, which will greatly simplify the procedure for connecting housing and other real estate to engineering… Read more

Renovation of procedures

The  renovation program will help reduce administrative barriers in construction The program for the renovation of housing stock, which is being implemented today in Moscow, has become a catalyst for reducing administrative barriers in construction and simplifying the procedures for issuing permits. The work on the optimization of administrative procedures, started a year ago, is… Read more

The issuance of permits for the construction of housing will be available online in all cities of Russia

6th urban conference “Glazychev Readings”, dedicated to the memory of the Russian scientist and public figure, world-famous urbanist Vyacheslav Leonidovich Glazychev was held in Moscow on 16th of July. The conference was attended by DOM.RF General Director Alexander Plutnik, Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, Elena Zelentsova, Vice-President, Director for the Development of the Urban… Read more

Build without obstacles

Developers got some relief At the initiative of the Ministry of Construction of Russia, part of the toughening amendments to Law No. 214-FZ “On Participation in Shared Construction …” will be relaxed “SG” wrote about this in detail in No. 24 of June 22). Novella, which, according to business, created the greatest difficulties for developers,… Read more

Reducing and optimizing: how Russia grows in Doing Business thanks to construction

In recent years, Russia has shown a positive momentum in the promotion in the World Bank’s rating, including through improvements in the indicator “Obtaining construction permits.” At the same time, experts note that in this direction our country still has considerable potential, as the reforms continue, and a number of transformations already working in practice… Read more

Breaking barriers

In recent years, the Russian capital is experiencing a real construction boom. In the city, metro and railway networks are actively developing, world-class sports facilities are being built, new quarters and districts are emerging, parks and public spaces are being built. In the last seven years almost 60 million square meters of various real estate… Read more

In one network

One of the key issues that is currently on the agenda of Russian civil engineers is the situation with technological networks. And if you ask a question, “what’s wrong with them?”, Then your profession has a very long relationship to the building complex.      From the point of view of a specialist, it was the engineering… Read more

Shared construction can be denied starting from July 1, 2019

Not immediately, but definitely. Habitual construction will be canceled on July 1, 2019. Russian President Vladimir Putin in a straight line spoke about the upcoming changes in the housing construction market, which will in the future avoid the emergence of new deceived co-investors. This will be done within the framework of a smooth transition to… Read more

Barriers leave the construction

Moscow is the leader in optimizing licensing procedures in the construction industry. The new Minister of Construction and Housing of the Russian Federation Vladimir Yakushev at his post plans to work on simplification of procedures in the construction sector. At the same time, it is in many ways intended to rely on Moscow’s experience. The… Read more