How the national project on housing will be implemented

By 2024, the Ministry of Construction nevertheless sees the possibility of reaching the previously established indicators of the national project “Housing and Urban Environment” for the construction of residential buildings. This was stated by Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Vladimir Yakushev at a meeting of the Federation Council. According to… Read more

Construction and business: support measures during the pandemiс

Restrictions in connection with coronavirus paused the habitual rhythm of life in Moscow. 71-day cities was prohibited without the need to leave their houses. and this is not a fun, and a real fight for life! employed streets, stores were sealed, construction and operation of the enterprises suspended. quite recently, the boiling megapolis froze in… Read more

Coronavirus pandemic does not affect examination of construction projects in Moscow

The coronavirus pandemic did not affect the examination of construction projects in Moscow. According to Anna Yakovleva, head of Moscow State Examination, on Friday, June 5, work with project documentation throughout the entire period of high availability was carried out remotely. The format itself is recognized as effective. “Since the end of March, we have… Read more

Get support and find partners: which services are available online for entrepreneurs

At business sites, metropolitan entrepreneurs can apply for support, consult with specialists and take training courses. To maintain business activity during the period of restrictive measures, metropolitan entrepreneurs are helped by online business services developed by the Moscow Government. You can use electronic resources at a convenient time anywhere where there is Internet access. They… Read more

Support for constructors

Industry support measures will be included in the national economic recovery plan Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin held a meeting this week on supporting the construction complex and housing and communal services. “These are key, socially significant sectors,” the prime minister emphasized. – It is important that they can quickly normalize their work. To this… Read more

Ministry of Construction: we have developed five steps to reduce construction time

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin drew attention to the excessive bureaucratization of the construction industry, which, among other things, often complicates work in emergency situations. Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities of Russia Dmitry Volkov told RIA Real Estate how the agency works in this direction. – Dmitry Anatolyevich, the president… Read more

President came to the rescue

Vladimir Putin instructed the government to support the construction indust Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the main list of instructions following a meeting on the development of the Russian construction complex on April 16. Then the head of state discussed with developers, representatives of the professional community and members of the government the situation in… Read more

Strictly on the list

The list of backbone companies included 54 developers and 22 utilities, which will now be able to apply for state support  The government commission on enhancing the sustainability of the Russian economy has approved an updated federal list of backbone organizations in the construction industry and housing and communal services. This was… Read more

Complex therapy

Head of the Ministry of Construction Vladimir Yakushev on the situation in the construction industry The coronavirus epidemic and the associated decline in economic activity could not but affect construction. To solve the problems of the industry, it will be necessary to use a whole range of stimulating and anti-crisis measures. The Minister of Construction… Read more