Help, not prohibit

Experts consider the rationale of investments and improving the quality of construction to be the main tasks of the expertise. The II International Conference “Development of the Institute of Building Expertise” was held at the World Trade Center in Moscow. More than 100 specialists from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia took part in its work. As… Read more

Guidelines for state services

Moscow is developing a digital platform for communicating with developers The capital construction complex together with the city Department of Information Technologies will create a single digital information platform for the interaction of authorities with developers. According to the developers, the launch of the application will simplify the work, reduce the time required for… Read more

Unified information platform for developers will be created in Moscow

Administrative barriers no longer create problems in the interaction of government and entrepreneurs Specialists will create a single information platform in the capital of Russia. Thanks to her, developers will be able to directly interact with the authorities. The new resource will unite services for entrepreneurs, reduce the time required for obtaining permits, and remove… Read more

Percent of anxiety

Business discusses the challenges of moving to a new housing system The dramatic changes taking place today in the housing market are aimed primarily at protecting the interests of home buyers. At the same time, they complicate the life of business and regulators, so one of the tasks of the industry is to observe a… Read more

Have a contact

Since the beginning of the year, nearly 9,000 Muscovites have addressed to the EKC of the construction complex of the capital Since the beginning of the year, the United Contact Center (EKC) of the Moscow construction complex has received about 9,000 applications, of which more than 3,500 are associated with the start-up renovation program. Residents… Read more

Saving time  

Developers will be able to apply for connection to all networks at once One of the problems that builders constantly face is the accession of new facilities to engineering networks. In Moscow, it will be a little easier to resolve these issues. One of these days the government of capital and six largest resource-supplying organizations… Read more

Investment magnet

Foreign investors are striving to capital Moscow remains one of the most attractive global metropolises for investors in real estate and development. Companies from all over the world, despite possible sanctions and risks, continue to look for an opportunity to implement a project in the Russian capital. Officials, experts and the builders themselves told the… Read more

The market is running time

How will the changes in the legislation on shared construction affect apartment prices? One of the main issues discussed in connection with the changes in the legislation on shared construction is the price per square meter. The principled position of the authorities is known: the new version of 214-FZ is designed to protect the interests… Read more

Five years is not a term

Houses under the renovation program will be built in three years The Moscow authorities intend to shorten the construction period of houses under the renovation program from 5 to 3-3.5 years. This was stated by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Urban Development Policy and Construction Marat Khusnullin. The quality of construction works and the… Read more