Russia’s simplified procedure for carrying out integrated cadastral works

Russians can legalize land used for more than 15 years On September 16, amendments to the laws “On Cadastral Activities” and “On State Registration of Real Estate” enter into force. The amendments will simplify the procedure for conducting comprehensive cadastral works, which are ordered by municipal authorities. The Federal Law (150-FZ dated 06/17/2019) establishes the… Read more

Digital “twin” to appear at Moscow to help developers

All urban planning in Moscow will be translated into 3D-format to create an electronic “double” of the capital. This was announced by the vice mayor of Moscow for urban planning and construction Marat Khusnullin. According to him, entire neighborhoods are already being designed in the capital, and in the future a complete digital model of… Read more

Interest of investors is growing

On September 16, Moscow Deputy Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations, Vladimir Efimov, spoke about the growth of the investment attractiveness of the capital. Moscow is implementing a package of measures to increase investment attractiveness. It is rather difficult to single out one solution. We strive to create a full-fledged ecosystem that… Read more

Digitized city

Moscow makes extensive use of BIM technology in urban planning More recently, information modeling technologies were considered exotic, and today they are becoming part of the daily work of design organizations and architectural offices. Last week, GAU “Institute of the General Plan of Moscow” organized a press tour during which journalists were shown how BIM… Read more

Do not be afraid of objections

The draft concept for the implementation of BIM technologies causes heated debate in the professional community Currently, the Ministry of Construction of Russia is developing a concept for introducing a life cycle management system for capital construction projects using information modeling technologies (BIM technologies). According to the creators, this document will modernize the construction industry… Read more

BIM matrix of the future

The working group on the implementation of information modeling technologies (BIM) in construction was created by the Moscow construction complex. Currently, BIM-technologies (Building Information Modeling) are used everywhere, their advantage is obvious, including when designing residential areas created by the renovation program. And by 2020, all companies implementing projects on public procurement must master the… Read more

Digital Twins: How Bim Technologies Change Urban Development

A working group on the implementation of information modeling technologies (BIM) during construction was formed in the capital’s construction complex. Changes made to the Town Planning Code in June this year introduced concepts such as an information model, the formation and maintenance of a building information classifier, digital architecture, and the life cycle of an… Read more

Beijing is interested

China studies Moscow’s experience in converting public services in construction to electronic form In recent years, Russia has made notable strides in simplifying various administrative procedures in construction. In the annual report of the World Bank Doing Business 2019, it was noted that in terms of the availability of obtaining a building permit, the Russian… Read more

In real time

Sergey Levkin on reducing administrative barriers in the construction and renovation program Conducting a construction business in Moscow has recently become more comfortable. The government of the capital has been working for several years to reduce administrative barriers. The Moscow Perspective correspondent talked with the head of the Moscow City Planning Policy Department, Sergei Levkin,… Read more