9 steps to pit


As of today Moscow developers can obtain necessary permits for construction of housing and other facilities twice as fast. The experiment conducted by one of the largest companies in the city has proved that. Its managers have shared the experience of obtaining approvals and permits for construction and proved to be able to complete the project by half over the summer.

As it was already reported by “RG”, the Moscow authorities has simplified to the maximum obtaining of various permits for construction companies at the expense of transfer of  document flow to electronic format. Some of the documents are now available only in e-format. It means there is no need to visit offices and meet with government officials. One of the capital investors decided to test the new system sharing personal experience stage by stage, counting days spent on each stage of the approval procedures, to check the how the actual efficiency of the system.

The developer decided to build a warehouse complex near the metro station “Salaryevo” with an area of 1205 square meters. During a press tour to the construction site the journalists witnessed that by the end of September the developer has launched works on the site. Just a month ago the developer fenced the site, but yesterday the reporters saw the ready pit with the part of communications.

“Yes, we do not have the perimeter of the building yet,” said the project manager Andrey Fedorov.  “Nevertheless, I can say that half of the work is already done: we’ve got the pit and communications. Now we have to build metal structures, and this is not the most difficult task. We can do it quickly, in just a few weeks”.

The development company is undergoing nine steps for getting necessary approvals for the project. At the design stage the company managed to get specifications from Moskomarchitektura for connecting to water and sewage networks. Then it was necessary to issue the construction permit from Mosgosstroynadzor, the excavation order from UATI. The next step is to agree on the control geodesic survey and to hold it as soon as possible.

What was the result? Due to electronic document flow all technical conditions were obtained in just one day. The documents were processed in 27 days, although the current legislation provides 30 days for it. The company submitted a request for construction permit via the portal of state services. It was obtained by developer in 8 days instead of 10 days provided by the law. An excavation order was received in 7 days instead of 13. In total, the company managed to save 11 days. Yesterday the builders of the warehouse have made the fifth step: the site was inspected by UATI representatives.

“We have found minor violations,” said the Chief UATI Inspector Sergey Rogatin.  “They relate to maintenance of the construction site. We gave time to the developer to eliminate the violations and imposed a fine to the company”.

According to the developer, these problems are easy to solve, the site will be clean and tidy very soon. And the warehouse will appear near the station “Salaryevo” in October of this year in full accordance with schedule.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta