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The experiment on the electronic connection of objects to engineering networks will be extended

The Russian government has extended the experiment on the electronic transfer of services related to connecting capital construction projects to the networks of heat, gas, electricity, water supply and sanitation by the end of 2021. The relevant government decree was published on the portal

According to the conditions of the experiment, which has been implemented since 2017 in the territory of the Moscow Region, Moscow and St. Petersburg, all applications for connection to engineering networks in these three subjects are filed by applicants through the portals of public services.

Prior to the beginning of the experiment in Moscow and other subjects participating in it, the backlog of work on connecting the construction of the object itself could be up to one and a half years. In 80% of cases, this was due to deadlines and the imposition of “additional” connection conditions on consumers. Thanks to the introduction of the electronic form of interaction, optimal algorithms were developed for providing services for connecting to engineering networks using regional portals of state and municipal services, the timeframes were significantly reduced and the corruption component was minimized. Ultimately, this measure works to reduce the cost of implementing projects for investors and improves the business climate.

According to the Ministry of Construction of Russia, the regions participating in the pilot successfully worked out the process of issuing technical conditions and concluding contracts and acts on connecting (technological connection) to the networks of engineering and technical support to applicants. From December 2018, in three regions there is the possibility of filing through regional portals of state and municipal services a single application for obtaining technical conditions and concluding contracts for connecting simultaneously to all types of engineering networks.

The extension by the Russian government of the established features of providing services for connecting to networks will further improve all regulatory and organizational and technical issues related to connections and continue to make an informed decision to extend the conditions of the “experiment” to the entire country.

Source: Stroitelnaya gazeta