Allowance to build


Which documents are required for construction of house in the land plot for individual housing construction?

It is supposed that it is easier to build house than to issue all required documentation that is needed for property rights. In fact it is not true. City authorities have significantly simplified the task in last years: there is no need to go from one agency to another, all documents are available on one website, the terms of its issuance are significantly reduced.

Before the start of construction it is required to get the Development plan of land plot (GPZU). In Moscow this document is issued by Moskomarkhitektura. But there no need to go to the agency, this state service is available online on Moscow Mayor official website. List of documents required for online issuance of GPZU is: the identity card, the property rights for land plot.

The terms of this service has recently reduced by 2 times and now is 14 days; the service is free of charge. The information about communications and technical conditions of connection to them is included in the document some time ago. That means that even at the beginning the opportunity of calculation of cost of connection to networks is available.

Then the construction permit is required. Starting from the 1st of January of 2017 this document is obligatory for individual housing construction. It is impossible to register the real estate and connect it to cities’ networks without it. Moreover the violator will have to pay the fees and it is even possible that the house has to be demolished.  (During construction on garden non-profit partnership te construction permit is not required)

According to existing legislation GPZU should be issued not earlier than 3 years before the application for construction permit.

Mosgosstroynadzor issues construction permit in Moscow. For issuance of the document via the next documents are required: the property rights for land plot, GPZU, the identity card, scheme of the location of facility in land plot (may be done by applicant himself), the description of appearance of future house (if the construction is planned inside the territory of historical heritage of Federal or regional level)


The description of appearance should include the keys parameters of future house, including coloristic decisions, construction materials for facade, the image of the house that included its facade and configuration.

The terms of construction permit issuance is 10 days starting from the application. The service is free of charge.

When all documents are issued the construction may be started. After the end of works the constructed facility should be put on cadastral registration. It is actual only for land plots in individual housing construction category. If the house is built in garden land plot the cadastral registration for such facilities is not required. The procedure of property rights issuance is also varies depending on the land category.

For the issuance of property rights for garden house the owner of land plot should provide next documents after the end of construction: the application, the property rights for land plot, the receipt of payment of state duty, the declaration of real estate. Documents should be provided to Rosreestr.

For the application for rights of individual house the next documents are required: the property rights for land plot, the approval of house existence and its description, cadatral registration, the receipt of payment of state duty, the identity card.

Starting from the 1st of January 2017 the registration of property rights for house that is situated in land plots of agricultural purpose is impossible without cadastral registration. The cadastral engineer should be called to put the property in cadastre.