A request for issuance of development plan of land plot (“GPZU”) will be available for all classes of applicants solely in e-format since July, 1. In the near future this document to include extended list of information including data on technical specifications for connection to utility infrastructure. Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Architecture and City Planning Committee (“Moskomarchitektura”) Andrey Sukhov told RIA Realty in details about novelties and rendering of state services in e-format.

– Let us speak about state services in e-format rendered by Moskomarchitektura. Which novelties are being prepared?

– To date we render such services as a preparation, an approval and modifying of GPZU, preparation and issuance of certificate of approving architectural and urban planning solution of capital construction facilities, providing information contained in Moscow Interagency Electronic Interaction System (“IEIS”), issuance of color appearance passport of building facades, facilities, structures’ and approval of signboards’ placing design-project.

This year we are going to launch new state services such as obtaining information from consolidated plan of underground utility systems and structures and receiving of executive documentation.

Rendering of existing services will be modified. First, it concerns an issuance of GPZU. This is connected with amendments to the Construction Code of the Russian Federation, approval of GPZU new form, elaborated by Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation (“Minstroy”) as well as entry into force of Moscow Land use and development rules (‘PZZ’). Moreover, it is possible to file documents on obtaining GPZU both in paper and in e-format. However, Moskomarchitektura will render this service on request only in e-format since July 1, this year.

«Individuals and legal persons will be able to draw up an application for rendering the service only via tab “services” on Moscow government’s official website. It is possible to register a personal account individually on or in any multiservice center (“MFC”), where a developer can receive a required consult. Developers will be able to obtain GPZU also on request in a paper format.

– Information on connection to water supply and water disposal system was included in GPZU a year ago. How many GPZU with data on networks have been issued for this time?

– We performed 2 pilot options within the scope of state service on providing GPZU a year ago. It is including of site planning in this document as an annex to GPZU that contains information on utility networks situated within the boundaries of land plot. Second option is including of information on issued preliminary technical specifications on water supply and water disposal system.

The information on utility networks is being included in GPZU from consolidated plan of underground utilities (utility systems) and structures formed in 2016. This data
Information on utility networks from consolidated plan of underground utilities (utility systems) and structures, formed in 2016, has been included in GPZU for all requests on GPZU since May, 2016. This excludes land plots designed for individual house building as well as requests on land plots situated in a territory of New Moscow (because consolidated plan will have been formed finally by the end of 2017 for this part of the city).

Together with Moscow Water and Sewage Company (‘Mosvodokanal’) at the first stage we have worked off the project in relation to providing technical specifications on connection to utility networks. Besides, this option has been realized as a kind of unified request on obtaining two documents. Choosing listed option an applicant obtained as well as GPZU with information on technical specifications requisites and the very technical specifications issued by Mosvodokanal. To date a few dozens of GPZU containing information on technical specifications have been issued.

This year we are going to carry on working with other resources providers.

– Is this option being in demand among developers?

– Of course, we have applications, but we expect this information to be more demanded when we include in GPZU information on technical specifications on connection to other types of networks.

Absolutely, this kind of information has preliminary nature and enable an investor to know some loadings regarding stresses and connection points. Anyway, more detailed information will be available in the technical specifications, formed at the stage of architectural and construction designing of facilities. It is GPZU which enables the investor to obtain required preliminary data for making initial administrative decisions on building of a land plot.

Information on underground utility systems located within the borders of the land plot will also help in this process. If investor knows utility tunnels he can understand which land plot are free from encumbrances, where is possible to build and where a construction will entail a laying the communications and extra costs in the framework of project’ implementing.

– Which are resources providers you are working with and when the data for connection to other networks in GPZU to be provided?

– We are working with Moscow United Power Grid Company (“MUEGC”), United Energy Company (“UEC”), Moscow United Energy Company (“MUEC”), Mosgaz, Mosvodokanal, Mosoblgaz (in relation to facilities located on the annexed territories). The challenge before us is to launch this option from July 1, this year. Administrative regulations of rendering the state service on issuance of GPZU are being finalized now. It takes into account all the amendments. It will be ratified soon by resolution of Moscow government.

– PZZ has been adopted recently. How will the status of GPZU change after it?

– PZZ is a sufficiently major document that covers the whole Moscow area, determining its urban-planning zonation. It sets the borders of territorial areas and urban-planning regulations. It implies types of authorized using of land plots, stresses of probable construction and reconstruction of capital construction facilities as well as zones with special conditions of territory usage that determine limitations of land plots’ usage.

GPZU ceases to be a documentation on a land planning. In fact, it becomes informational and reference document from statutory sources including PZZ, as reflects only specified settings. Nevertheless, GPZU will be in demand among developers because it is impossible to obtain permits on construction and reconstruction of capital construction facilities without it.

– Is it possible to make amendments to PZZ at the discretion of a legal owner of land plot?

– According to Construction Code of the Russian Federation an investor, a developer, a right owner of land plot and other interested parties have the right to submit an application on consideration of making amendments to approved PZZ, to municipal commission on urban-planning, land use and development of Moscow city government. Now we have already been receiving such applications.

Amendment procedure is established by Construction Code of the Russian Federation and looks as following: a question is presented to municipal commission for its consideration. Then the commission takes decision whether recommend or not to make amendments to PZZ. Further the question of taking recommendations into account are being considered at the level of authorized government authority (these powers have been delegated to Moskomarchitektura by Moscow goverment). In case of favorable decision, a preparation of a draft amendment to approved PZZ is carried out. Thereafter the draft amendment is forwarded to district commissions in order to conduct public hearings. According to the results of public hearings, corresponding amendments are being made or not in accordance with established procedure.

– Public hearings are needed to conduct for all facilities?

– Yes, these have to be conducted for all facilities except regional importance facilities that are not included in Moscow target investment program and the construction of which are being realized at the expense of municipal budget.

– You said about new service of obtaining information from consolidated plan of underground utilities and structures. What is this plan and what for it is designed?

– Consolidated plan of underground utilities and structures is an information resource formed on the base of existing information on accepted planning documentation, archival information and data of examining land surveying. In fact, this is an information on existing and being designed underground utility systems.

All this information in relation to coordinates constitutes consolidated plan, which are essential predominantly for developers, designers and engineering prospectors. A legal owner of land plot may also obtain information from consolidated plan if he wants to know more about circuits of underground structures located in the borders of land plot.

– Legal owner could not obtain this information earlier?

– We have partly made such opportunity possible in the frameworks of GPZU. However, we have introduced this option just since last year. Of course, not every GPZU issued by us have this annex. Moreover, consolidated plan are subject to actualization. It is not a resource which have been formed just once and from which certificates are being issued. The consolidated plan will have been actualized quarterly.

To date Moskomarchitektura is actively elaborating regulation of the service on providing information from this information resource. I hope it will have been approved by year-end and a technical ability of providing this state service in e-format will be worked off.

– When this service will be available for using?

– It will have been possible to use it in the borders of “old” Moscow until year-end and since next year in
Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Administrative Districts (“TiNAO”).

Source: RIA Realty