Authorities will carry out an experiment with remote electronic signature


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The remote issuance of electronic signatures, which allows you to sign real estate documents and receive bank guarantees will be tested in Russia. This technology was previously held back for security reasons.

The government intends to launch in November 2019 a large-scale two-year experiment (until December 2021) to issue and use a cloud-based electronic digital signature, in which citizens and organizations will be able to remotely sign, for example, communications services contracts, enter into transactions on electronic trading platforms, to execute real estate purchase and sale agreements with a mortgage. This is stated in the draft government decree prepared by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media (RBC has it).

The representative of Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov confirmed to RBC that he was aware of plans to conduct such an experiment. According to the representative of the Ministry of Communications Yevgeny Novikov, now the draft government decree is under discussion with interested departments.

According to the draft government decree, a cloud-based digital signature can be obtained remotely, for example, after authorization in the Unified Identification and Authentication System, which is used on the government services portal, or in the Unified Biometric System, launched last July by the Central Bank and Rostelecom. To use such a signature, you do not need to install special software or connect a token.

As part of the experiment, the government intends to allow government agencies, companies and citizens to remotely execute an extensive list of documents remotely using a cloud signature:

– paper for registration of real estate and its sale using mortgages;

– contracts for the provision of communication services;

– documents for registration as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur;

– documents for obtaining bank guarantees and transactions with letters of credit;

– execute transactions on electronic trading floors.