BIM growth points


100+ Forum Russia is considered to be one of the main professional events of the year in Russia. Having begun as a forum devoted to issues of high-rise construction, over time it expanded its theme and covered all the most important problems of the construction industry, including technical regulation, modern technologies and others. It is no coincidence that the current forum opened with an event dedicated to information modeling technologies. Dmitry Volkov, Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing and Utilities, who spoke at it, expressed the opinion that Yekaterinburg has every chance of becoming the BIM capital of Russia. Speaking about the application of information modeling technologies in construction, the deputy head of the Ministry of Construction said that the state intends to consistently regulate this process. “The introduction of the concept of“ information modeling ”into the law has launched the process of the emergence of a number of binding relations that we have to regulate,” said Dmitry Volkov. – We plan to do this as conservatively and progressively as possible. In the first quarter of 2020, it is planned to create BIM centers in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, uniting all regional structures: expertise, customers, educational centers, business, designers. ”

The Deputy Minister spoke in more detail about the BIM centers being created during the press-session between sessions. According to him, regional information centers do not imply changes in staffing or the creation of new organizations. “It seems to us that there are enough people, we just need to organize them so that they can interact to implement information modeling,” said the deputy head of the Ministry of Construction.

Dmitry Volkov said that by 2024 it is planned to transfer several areas to a mandatory state order using information modeling. “We believe that in Russia by this time the overall level of digital maturity of companies will be sufficient,” he said. – Therefore, we say that we need BIM centers. Colleagues from Chelyabinsk, for example, today showed a ready-made concept that they already use. In Yekaterinburg, too, such a structure is being created, something similar is in Moscow and St. Petersburg. ”

In turn, the director of the Federal Center for Standardization, Standardization and Technical Conformity Assessment in Construction (FAA “FCS”) Andrei Basov spoke about the implementation of the life cycle management system of capital construction projects using information modeling technologies in the Russian Federation. The speaker separately dwelled on the possibility of improving the economic indicators of investment and construction projects due to the ability to moderate business processes and compare the cost of total costs at an early stage. “We have a lot of information systems in the urban sphere, more than sixty,” he said. “The task is not to produce new systems, but to integrate and interconnect existing and existing ones so that the passage of all urban planning procedures is simple, understandable, and transparent at all stages of the object’s life cycle.” As the main tasks of the state, the head of the FAU “FCS” named two: ensuring the possibility of using information modeling technologies and creating a unified state industry-specific digital platform for managing the life cycle of the ACS. As you know, in the development of federal law No. 151-ФЗ five orders of the Ministry of Construction of Russia and five decrees of the Government of the Russian Federation have already been developed, which will be approved before the end of this year. Speaking about the second task, the head of the FAA “FTSS” noted that information modeling technologies will provide a “seamless” urban development process at the local, regional and federal levels. “We understand that different regions are at different levels of digitalization and that’s why the unified platform for participants in urban planning activities of the GISOGD of the Russian Federation will include, among other things, a cloud solution for entities that have not implemented their GISOGD,” emphasized Andrei Basov .

At the pitch session of BIM vendors, moderator General Director of Konkurator LLC Marina Korol said that almost all developed countries have already developed BIM implementation roadmaps, and many of them have BIM mandates and mandatory BIM for government orders. According to her, a number of problems in the implementation of BIM technologies have not yet been resolved in Russia. So, common terminology, principles and approaches are not accepted. The application of standards is voluntary, and practice does not always follow standards. Training of specialists is carried out only with a software product; the employer cannot verify the basic qualifications of a BIM specialist.

Source: “Stroitelnaya Gazeta”