Capitals did their best


Russia has boosted its figures in the “Doing Business” ranking due to the efforts of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Administrative barriers are no longer a key problem for the business community in construction industry, said Mikhail Men, Minister of Construction, giving a speech on “Development: change points of 2016” conference in Moscow.

The Minister stressed that today there is a clear understanding of the necessity to reduce excessive administrative procedures on the part of regional authorities.

Mikhail Men noted that over the past year, Russia has risen by 37 points in the World Bank ranking “Doing Business” (in “Dealing with construction permits”) – from 156th to 119th position. The number of procedures amounted to 19, and the overall term of their passing figure up to 244 days. The Minister thanked Governments of Moscow and St. Petersburg, since their performance is taking into account in evaluation of the Doing Business ranking.

Last week, the Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities Sector of Russia Natalia Antipina together with a group of World Bank experts visited St. Petersburg, where they got acquainted with the progress made on facilitation of procedures for obtaining construction permits. The business travel was part of the visit schedule of the World Bank representatives in Russia. The visit was devoted to the issues of “Doing Business” ranking evaluation. At first, the expert committee talked with representatives of the city business and then had a meeting with city officials.

It must be said that in recent years the Northern capital has done in a lot to reduce administrative barriers. Thus, according to the press office of the Smolny,  since April 1, 2016, the city canceled the need to request a permit for installation of construction site barrier, as well as the procedure of closing the order for construction works. Developers can obtain technical conditions for connection to water supply and sewage networks in Multipurpose Centers and in electronic format. The term of obtaining approvals and permits is reduced: you can get technical specifications in 7 instead of 14 days, a contract on connection, including connection conditions is obtained in 18 instead of 30 days.

By the end of this year the transfer of basic state services to e-format should be completed.  To meet this end, a unified information system for developers was created; it has an option of a Personal Account of Developer. The work on development of the information system on urban planning activities is also underway.

The World Bank expert Valentina Saltane noted positive changes in the process of lowering administratibe barriers. “We would like to see further progress in such an active pace of reform. And we hope that we will continue to work together, we are pleased to see that Russia makes good use of the results of our research,” said Valentina Saltane.

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