China is ready to use Moscow experience in the sphere of digitalization of state services


The delegation of the PRC, which visited Moscow at the invitation of the World Bank, discussed with representatives of the capital building complex issues related to the work of electronic services for developers. “The People’s Republic of China will adopt the experience of Moscow in the area of ​​digitalization of public services in the field of construction,” representatives of the administration of Beijing and the Ministry of Finance of the Middle Kingdom said.

Nadezhda Karavanova, deputy head of the city’s city policy department, introduced the guests from China with the presentation of the main areas of work in the field of converting public services in construction to electronic form.

“Today in Moscow a closed loop has been created for the provision of state services in electronic form. At the main city portal, you can apply for 19 services – from issuing a GDZU to commissioning the object. At the same time, 15 services are provided exclusively in electronic form, ”said the specialist.

“We have electronic systems and platforms for developers in our country, but we need to learn from you how to combine various departments to work on these platforms and establish interaction between them,” the deputy general director of the international economic and financial cooperation department said. Ministry of Finance of China Chang Yunhon.

She noted with satisfaction that last year Russia made a sharp jump in the World Bank’s Doing Business rating in the direction of “Obtaining Construction Permits”, rising from 115th to 48th place. “We were naturally worried about the question, due to which we managed to do it, but after the presentation, which dealt with six directions in the field of digitalization of state services in construction, much became clear to us,” said Yunhon.

Source: “Moskovskaya perspektiva”