Connect easily


The terms of facilities construction will be reduced with the help of simplification of connection to networks.

The Prime-minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed the act that will allow increasing the transparency of connection of capital construction facilities to networks and will help to create clear system of interaction between developers and resource companies. With the help of online regulations it will be easy to know which documents are required for connection, how long it is going to take and get contact of responsible persons. It is planned that it will help to reduce the terms of construction.

Today the construction of apartment block requires around 60 various procedures. Most of them are linked with the connection to networks, mostly those that regulate the duties of the sides. As developers tell only the design and alignment of the connection project may last for    1, 5 years. Moreover, often the construction itself is also takes a long time. “The mess with connection procedures leads to the violation of construction terms and extra financial expenditures. It is actual both for individuals and legal entities” – says Dmitry Medvedev. According to the Prime-minister the new document allows to reduce terms of connection and corruption risks in this sphere. Optimization of technical connection procedure will lead to improvement of investments climate in construction. New legislation requires resource companies publish in open sources (including their websites) regulations for connection of capital construction facilities to resource networks.

Moscow authorities are working on reduction of administrative barriers and unification of procedures for several years. The experience of the city, which is a pioneer in reduction of administrative barriers, will be used in other regions. “The proposal on unification of procedures linked with capital facilities connection is created to reduce the numer of procedures for connection. After realization of this proposal we are planning to reduce redundant administrative procedures” – says the Head of Urban Planning policy Department Sergey Levkin.

According to him resource companies are not state owned, their work is not transparent and there is no unified regulation of their work. According to Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin initiative the transfer of services of resource providers that are linked to technical conditions issuance, signing the contract about connection to networks and the dsign of connection act to e-format is being done.

All these opportunities will be available on Moscow Mayor official website ( All state services in construction are already available there today.

Till the end of the year 3 legislative acts, that will exclude redundant procedures during connection to networks will be signed. I remind that from the beginning of the year 2 acts that reduced 3 redundant procedures during the connection to electricity networks and 6 procedures during the connection to water supply networks were adopted”, – tells Sergey Levkin.

The terms of connection will reduce also because of the unified application for connection of capital construction facility to all networks. This is a service that is not available anywhere in the world.