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Work on optimization of administrative procedures in construction site is continuing

The Moscow city authorities started massive program on reform of state services in construction in 2013. One of the key elements was the transfer of state services into e-format.  Today 14 main services are available online.  Because of these changes the electronic workflow grew up by 73%. According to –      Russian public opinion research center (VCIOM) developers do not see administrative barriers as main problem for business. Russia moved up in from 92th place in 2014 to 40th in 2016 in annual ranking Doing Business by World Bank, which evaluates conditions for business. The reduction of number and timeframes of procedures will continue in the future.

Timeframes of state services will continue to reduce

In July new legislative acts of Moscow Government with optimized terms of administrative procedures passage.  The terms of GPZU issuance will reduce from 30 days to 14, final state expertise from 28 days to 14, expertise of project documentation from 30 days to 20, the evaluation of reliability of project documentation from 30 days to 15. In total all these procedures take 55 days.

The construction cycle from the design till putting the facility into operation in Moscow take 4,2 years. Moscow city authorities are planning to optimize this cycle till 2,7 years by reducing the terms of state services provision and its number.

Today developers have to pass 112 procedures, 66 of which are Federal rest are regional in 1547 days (construction cycle). Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin a goal to reduce this number till 68. It will allow reducing construction cycle for 549 days. Mostly the simplification will be in area of engineering infrastructure. Moreover, some procedures will be passed in earlier stages of construction and some will be unite is one.

Earlier the procedures of supervisions by state architectural expertise and Moskomstroinadzor were cancelled in Moscow. It is not required to get the certificate of approval of architectural design for small buildings (not higher than 2 floors). The notification of Moskomstroinadzor about the start and the end of work is also not required.

The reduction of the number of administrative procedures and timeframes of state services it especially relevant because of renovation of housing program that will lead to the biggest volume of housing construction in the history of Moscow. It will allow construction in shorter terms and without lost in quality.

The project of reduction of administrative barriers is on the personal control of Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin.

Urban construction functions are regulated and almost all of them are available online. Today 14 key state services are available online: подготовка, утверждение и изменение градостроительных планов земельных участков:

  • Preparation, approval and change of development plan of land plot
  • Preparation and issuance of a certificate of approval of the architectural and urban planning solution of the capital construction object
  • Provision of information contained in the integrated automated information system for urban development in Moscow
  • Registration of the passport of the coloristic decision of the facades of buildings, structures, constructions
  • Approval of the design project for signboard placement
  • Authorization for construction issuance
  • Providing a conclusion on the compliance of the constructed, reconstructed capital construction object with the requirements of technical regulations and project documentation
  • Occupancy permit issuance
  • Providing of notices by the developers of the beginning of the construction, reconstruction, major overhaul of the capital construction object
  • Providing of notices by the developers of the completion of the construction, reconstruction, overhaul of the capital construction object
  • Carrying out of state expertise of design documentation and results of engineering surveys
  • Providing of quarterly reports of developers on the activities associated with raising funds from participants in shared construction
  • Issuance of permits for the movement of construction waste, demolition (including soils)
  • Connection of the capital construction object to the systems of electricity, heat, gas, water supply and water disposal (partly)

All interested parties have already felt the convenience of new system. There is no need for personal communication between developer and authorities that help to avoid corruption. The manager of any company can track the status of the application online.

Builders do not perceive administrative barriers as key problem for business. The difficulties with administrative barriers are on the 13th place in this ranking. These are result of VCIOM research of administrative barriers in Moscow in 206. Almost 60% of experts suppose that administrative barriers reduction lead to lower costs and timing. According to research the most convenient administrative reforms are electronic workflow and transfer of services of resource companies in e-format.

Mosgosstroinadzor issued 10 000 construction permits and occupancy permits

Starting from 2013 when the opportunity of issuance of construction permit (CP) and occupancy permit (OP) in e-format became available Mosgosstroinadzor issued more than 9 700 permits. The preparation of transfer of service into e-format took whole 2012 and half of 2013.

When developer wants to get CP he has to register on and fill in interactive application. The application is accepted by Mosgosstroinadzor and processed as if it was application in office. After the supervision Committee sends result to the applicant: construction permit or the reasons for refusal. There is no need to visit authorities.

Developer applies online and gives the links to all required documents. When this is construction permit then the GPZU number of contract for land rent, number of positive conclusion of expertise. There is no need for anything else. All other documents for construction permit authorities get with the help of interaction with other departments, when it is regional level or inter-agency request on Federal level. Information is got in 5 days. It helps to avoid a lot of paper work for developers and save time because according to law authorities cannot require documents which are at disposal to other authorities.

For occupancy permit the procedure is the same. The only difference is that the developer attaches documents about compliance to technical conditions of resource company and technical plan made by cadastre engineer.

Information about all networks will be included into GPZU

In 2017 the list of services will grow. Some changes will be made into existing services. First of all changes will be in GPZU issuance. It is linked with changes in Construction Code of the Russian Federation, new form of GPZU developed by Minstroy and new PZZ in Moscow. Today application for GPZU can be made both online and in office, but starting from the 1st of July Moskomarchetectura will provide this service exclusively online.  Application can be made via «Services» section on It can be done by creating an account, for instance in state services centers, where all required information about this question can be provided. At the same time urban plan of land plot developers can get on paper.

The information about technical conditions of connection to engineering networks will be included in GPZU in the nearest future. Last year Moskomarchitektura has included two test options: the app with information about engineering networks inside land plot, and including into GPZU information about previously issued technical conditions for water supply and sewage. Starting from 2016 all GPZU requests for private construction and for land plot in «New Moscow» (because for these territories final plan will be formed only in 2017) information about all networks in GPZU is included from Consolidated plan of underground utilities (utility systems) and structures formed in 2016.

In nearest future GPZU will include information about technical conditions for connection into other networks. Certainly, such information is preliminary and gives the developers an opportunity to understand the maximum parameters of loading and points for connection. <ore concrete information will be provided later in technical conditions that are formed during design. But required information for preliminary managing decisions for construction will be available in GPZU. If you know the location of networks you can understand which land plot is free from encumbrance. Where excavations are possible and where construction will lead to extra costs.

Today work with PAO «MOESK», AO «OEK», PAO «MOEK», AO «Mosgaz», AO «Mosvodokanal», GUP MO «Mosoblgaz» (for facilities in adjusted territories). The option should be launched in the 1st of July after legislative acts of Moscow Government will be published.

Starting form 1st of July in connection with adoption of Land use and development rules plan stops to be the documentation for design of territories and becomes informational document from sources that are indentified by legislation, including PZZ because include parameters that are stated in them. Nevertheless, GPZU will exist as state service because it is impossible to apply for construction permit without it.

Last year Moskomarchitektura fromed Consolidated plan of underground utilities (utility systems) and structures. It is formed on the base of existing project documentation, archive information and data form Mosgorgeotrest geodesic surveying. This information about existing and designed underground communications is needed be developers, designers and engineering surveys. The owners of land plots can also get information. Moskomarchitektura is working on service to create a convenient way to get information from this source. It will be approved till the end of the year.

Connect to networks online 

The significant difficulties were caused by the connection of the facility to engineering networks. Now the developer signs a contract for technical connection where all legal, financial and technical conditions for connection are stated.

The execution of construction of engineering networks, the administration of documentation, the expertise of technical conditions and documentation that proves the finish of technical connection is executed according to Federal legislation.

All procedures that are connected to signing and execution of contracts on connection of capital construction facilities to engineering networks are included into exhaustive list of procedures in housing construction. It is approved by the Order of Russian Federation Government form 30th of April 2014 №403

For the execution of the procedure and issuance of documents that are not included into the list by the legislation the administrative responsibility (including disqualification) is possible starting from the beginning of 2016. All mentioned changes the need for formalization of final stage of technical connection, where the execution of technical conditions is reviewed.

Moreover the e-service for technical connection is being developed in Moscow. All resource companies should be included into interagency communication.

Starting from the 1st of February the opportunity of online application for contracts with AO «OEK» is available, starting from the 1st of March of 2016 – with Mosvodokanal. Today the opportunity of online connection to all other networks is developed.

Source: «Enginernye sorugenia» magazine