Connection to engineering networks will be simplified in Moscow


More than the half of procedures that are passed by developers for construction site are connected to the interaction with resource providing companies. The time frame of construction site is often delayed because of these companies.


According to Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin initiative some changes in this sphere will be done soon: the number of procedures will be reduced, technical connection will be unified and transferred into e-format.

Pipe business

Russian public opinion research center (VCIOM) has conducted a research among developers aout communication with resource companies. The results were disappointing. More than the half of respondents is not happy with this interaction. The best results are shown by Mosoblgaz and Mosgaz. 44,6  and 43,4 % representatively shown the satisfaction of interaction with them. The worst result is shown by MOEK- 40,3%.

According to the development director of GK «Granel» Andrei Tcvet, the availability of engineering networks significantly influences the final cost of construction site and changes the investment attractiveness of the project.

  • First of all technical connection is expensive process. Secondly the companies in this sphere are monopolies and it is impossible to influence the connection. At the same time the facility cannot be put into the operation without connection to engineering networks, – he says.

According to developers the development and alignment of networks connection could take around one and a half years. Moreover, works are also often delayed. The Head of Moskomstroiinvest Konstantin Timofeev told that the delays in putting the facility into operation are often connected to connection to engineering networks, because they are built not by the developer but by the resource providers. He also mentioned that city authorities have a goal to reduce construction timeframe and one way to do it is to continue to work with resource companies.


New terms for services

Today the exhaustive list of procedures for construction of housing in Moscow consists of 124 procedures. 114 of them are established on Federal level and 10 on regional. The exact number of procedures depends on the various factors: the land-legal system, the part of the city, the presence of protected areas nearby.

  • On average it takes about 50-60 procedures to build an apartment block and biggest part of them is connected with resource companies,- says the head of optimization and supervision of procedures in urban construction department Rafael Lugansky

The biggest amount of procedures is connected with documentation regulating interaction between developer and resource company.

  • It take a long time to sign acts of execution of all works that are required by the contract and it happens not because of the city, – says the Head of Urban planning policy department Sergey Levkin.

According to him resource companies and not state owned, they are not transparent and there is no regulations of their services.  City authorities want to make an interaction with resource companies unified and simplify all related procedures. According to Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin initiative the work on transfer of resource companies into e-format is done. In future the issuance of technical conditions, technical connection contracts and certificats of technical connection will be available online on Russian Government and Minstroy support this initiative. «The road map» for this problem is developed.

— We are planning to finish all works in 2017-2018 and make all procedures for technical connection clear and unified, – said Sergey Levkin and added that the suggestions for unification of housing connection has been prepared.

Another instrument that should reduce time frames of construction site is suggested by Minstroy. The Ministry proposes to fine resource companies that delay the connection.

–Special legislation that will allow fine monopolies for delay or refusal of connection is developed,- said the Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities Mikhail Men.

Renovation of networks

Networks inside the MKAD are working on maximum and often expensive repairment is done by developers even before the start of construction and sales, said the general director of Storm Properties Nadezda Bashbynar. The renovation program will partly solve this problem.

–All networks situated in blocks that are included in renovation program are very pld, they are about 50-60 years, and the reconstruction is required, – says the Deputy Mayor of construction and urban development, Marat Khusnullin.

According to him the procedure of connection of new blocks into engineering networks will be simplified for implementation of renovation program.

–It is possible that new urban development document that will reflect engineering supply of the housing. We are planning to move networks till the borders of the land plot in unified channel and then divide it inside the territory. During the renovation program we can test this mechanism and then use it not only during the program, – said the Deputy Mayor

It is planned that it will reduce the price of networks construction and simplify the connection procedure.

Marat Khusnullin also pointed out that Construction Complex of Moscow runs a huge project of administrative barriers reduction in construction including barriers in technological connection.

–9 procedures were excluded from the list of required for connection and the timeframe of signing the contract for water supply and sewage was reduced by 5 days, – mentioned he

Source: «Vechernya Moskva»