Construction and business: support measures during the pandemiс


Restrictions in connection with coronavirus paused the habitual rhythm of life in Moscow. 71-day cities was prohibited without the need to leave their houses. and this is not a fun, and a real fight for life! employed streets, stores were sealed, construction and operation of the enterprises suspended. quite recently, the boiling megapolis froze in anticipation of a victory over an invisible threat

Industrial and construction enterprises of the capital resumed their work on May 12. A phased exit from quarantine is ongoing. What support measures have been provided for construction, small and medium-sized businesses in order to restore and support the economy? We are telling.

For all representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, regardless of the field of activity, the city subsidizes from the budget an interest rate of up to 6% per annum for previously issued loans and up to 8% per annum for new “stabilization” loans for financing current activities.

A preliminary agreement was reached on granting a 6-month deferral of payment of the principal amount of the loan debt with the largest operator in the field of business lending – Sberbank PJSC.

In order to help entrepreneurs who have previously concluded agreements on the purchase of real estate rented from the city, redemption payments of the second quarter are transferred to the end of 2020.

 It introduces subsidizing the costs of credit organizations for the provision of soft loans to young companies (no older than three years) of small and medium-sized businesses.

 For the construction business

Organizations of the construction industry, like other business representatives, can apply for:

  • postponement of deadlines for reporting taxes and contributions;
  • reduction in advance payments of income tax;
  • reduction of inspections;
  • release and deferral of fines;
  • an increase in advances on government contracts.

The construction and development business received a deferment until the end of the year of payments for changing the purpose of providing land and other similar payments to the city budget.

Tenants of land for the construction, implementation of large-scale investment projects, placement of social, cultural and domestic purposes, corresponding to a number of conditions, can count on a deferred rental payment for the second quarter.

The period of validity of documents in the field of construction, which should have been terminated from April 7, 2020 to January 1, 2021, is extended by one year. This rule applies to the GPZU (urban development plan of the land plot) used when obtaining building permits, making changes to them, preparing and examining project documentation, and territory planning projects.

 Also, developers can get free advice on any issue through the Unified Contact Center of the Urban Planning and Construction Complex of Moscow.

 The online format continued the holding of training seminars on obtaining sectoral public services, at which participants received clarifications on the new rules of the procedure and the latest changes in the workflow.

Source: Moscow construction complex