Construction complex is ready for dialogue


More than 6 000 appeals are processed by Unified contact center of Construction complex staring from the March, 2017. Most of the questions were dedicated to renovation program and demolition of 5-floor apartment blocks. Moreover, citizens are concerned about noise from construction sites, developers are often interested in provision of state services in e-format. According to the chief of Informational-analytical division of Urban planning policy department, Andrey Kurilov the procedures are constantly simplifying that is why developers have a need in explanation of city officials’ initiatives.


More than 6,3 thousand appeals was received by contact center of Construction Complex, 2,5 thousand of them are dedicated to renovation program, demotition of housing and relocation of citizens. “Rest of the questions came from developers, they are dedicated to  passage of various procedures in construction. State services in construction are administrated, the terms and the quantity of documents is reducing. Developers are asking for clarification of specifications of passage of these procedures. Today all our services are transferred into e-format and it is not required to attaché any documents to get the service; it is enough to name its requisites. All these documents are requested  with interdepartmental communication”, – told Andrey Kurilov.


According to him 10 years ago it took 2-3 months to receive all documentation, today the application is made online without the need to attend authorities. It is possible to apply from any place in the world. Thanks to this the work of developers simplified and the terms of almost all procedures passage reduced.

Every citizen or the representative of developer can get actual information about the passage of procedures in construction and explanation about the construction in the city or renovation by phone 8 (499) 401-0101 or on the Official website of Moscow Mayor.

For answers to the questions of Muscovites specialists of contact center use “Knowledge base” – informational source that contains answers to typical questions. It consists of 60 key sections that contain 600 articles about key questions that are connected to urban planning policy activities: electronic services, state services in construction, renovation, articles, which contains information about authorities including in Construction complex and about their functions. In fact the staff of contact center can answer to any question using “Knowledge base”. The “Knowledge base” is constantly updated.

Staff of contact center says that Muscovites are mostly interested in renovation questions. For instance people ask to explain the terms, when the list of houses with the timing of relocation will be available.

The system of monitoring is created on the base of appeals. “This system helps to get actual statistics in various angles – for instance, understand which districts of the city are the most active and which topics are the most actual”,- told the Head of Urban Planning Policy department Sergey Levkin.

We remind that Unified contact center was opened in March, 2017. The contact center includes reference and consulting service, which considers the applications of residents and developers in the main areas of work of the Moscow construction complex, including those related to the implementation of the renovation program.

Источник: Moskovskaya perspektiva