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The unified contact center of the construction complex of Moscow is two years old

Since March 2017, the Unified Contact Center (ECC) of the Moscow Construction Complex, a reference and advisory service, has started its work, where every citizen and developer can receive current and relevant information. This also applies to the construction of a kindergarten in the yard, and the specifics of obtaining permits, and the implementation of the renovation program.

The service works as a center of competence in all matters of the construction industry. From the beginning of their work, the service specialists processed about 100 thousand applications and consulted more than 34 thousand applicants. The main topics on which people apply to the Single Contact Center are: the housing renovation program in Moscow (about 35% of the total number of calls); the procedure for obtaining public services in the construction industry (12%); questions on the objects of shared construction (5%) and others.

At the same time, the popularity of this service is constantly growing. Since the beginning of 2019 alone, the operators of the Single Contact Center have processed almost 9 thousand requests. Of these, almost 4.5 thousand are issues on the renovation program, about 2 thousand are about obtaining public services in the construction sector and more than 800 appeals concerned issues that are within the competence of government bodies that are not part of the Moscow construction complex. The data provided by the center are based on the created “Knowledge Base”. In the base blocks there are 60 subsections containing about 600 articles. They are updated and constantly updated.

As part of the renovation program, Muscovites are primarily interested in issues related to the procedure for the provision of apartments and the date of commencement of the resettlement of specific houses. In addition, citizens relevant issues dokupki living space. Along with explanatory work with the population, the specialists of the Contact Center consult with developers on the problems of reducing administrative barriers in construction. With regard to the provision of public services in the construction industry, here the developers asked questions about how to submit a notice about the start of construction, about obtaining a building permit and the design of the GEPU.

Anyone can contact the Unified Contact Center in several ways:

by phone 8 (499) 401-01-01 from 9.00 to 18.00 on weekdays,

via email,

via the online form on the building complex portal (,

through the “Developer’s office”.

Source: Moskovskaya Perspktiva