Developers prefer to work online


The seminars on state services for specialists of the sector are held in Moscow

Moscow is a leader of the country in terms of administrative barriers reduction and the transfer of state services into e-format. Today all key state services in constrctuion are available only on Moscow Mayor official website. Developers could evaluate the advantages of new system, there is no need to go somewhere and communicate with authorities, all documents may be get online. For those who still have problems with new system, Construction complex arrange special training sessions where is being told how to apply online. One of such seminars was recently held in Moskomarchitektura

During the seminar the participants were reminded that Moskomarchitektura is a structure of Moscow construction complex, where developers apply if they want to build something in the city. Because of the fact that starting from 1st of November of 2014 state services in capital construction, no matter to the source of financing, are provided exclusively online, the agency has a whole list of online services. Among them are: the preparation of Development Plan of land plot, preparation and issuance of acceptance of architectural decisions on capital facilities; provision of information from integrated automotive informational system of urban planning policy of the city, passport of coloristic decisions of buildings facades, design of signs. From lately the information from Consolidated plan of underground utilities (utility systems) and structures is also available online.

As representative of Moskomarchitektura told the number of users that prefer online services is constantly growing. Developers stress out that the work of city authorities in terms of digitalization of the city is obvious. They could evaluate the benefits of this digitalization: the transfer of state services to e-format reduces the possibility of corruption in construction. Moreover, it is one of the form of administrative barriers reduction that allows time saving and reduction of costs during all stages of the project.

As representative of Moskomarchitektura told the transfer of state services In e-fromat simplified the preparation of all documents. For instance it is enough to apply online via materials about architectural decision of capital construction facility for its confirmation. Other documents will be received by Moskomarchitektura via inter-department communication: the statement from EGRUL/EGRIP, documents that confirm the rights for land plot. Inter-department communication allows reduction of timing. For instance GPZU issuance takes 1,5 times less time than earlier – only 20 days from application date

The samples of all required documents are available of Moscow Mayor official website for the convenience of developers. It helps to reduce number of mistakes during the application and as the result the number of rejections.

Main questions of developers were about the various documents provision. For instance, the provision of situational plan and its design. As specialist explain situational plan should be designed in 1:2000 scale. The borders of the land plot should be brown, red dotted line should show underground part (if something need to be demolished it should be yellow, existing facilities – green) with the adjacent streets.

Such seminars are often held with all departments of construction complex that provide state services online. Timetable is available on «Building is easy» webaite

            Source: Moskovskaya perspektiva