Developers to be equipped with unique calculator


From June 30 to July 3 the Central Exhibition Hall “Manege” will host the Moscow Urban Forum, the agenda of it is “The fast-growing megacities. Technologies of dynamic development”.

During four days the Moscow Urban Forum will serve as a center point for productive dialogue between the authorities, business representatives, leading experts, urbanists. In the time of the forum, the Russian capital de facto becomes a full member of the global dialogue, bringing its ideas to the world urban development.

“Every year, on each Urban Forum, we aim to present contemporary Moscow for the Russian regions and the world, to show our best achievements in the field of urban planning and urban studies, to share management experience, to get recommendations of colleagues and experts,” said Deputy Mayor for urban policy and construction Marat Khusnullin, “The business program of the forum will be very dynamic: in the past years we focused on panel discussions, now we give a priority to the format of brainstorming. Urban Forum will be one of the most significant events for Moscow this summer, and we give it a citywide scale.”

Of course, the dynamic development of the city is impossible without lowering administrative barriers in construction. To date, state services provided by Moscow for construction industry are acutely regulated, investors are informed about terms, costs and list of necessary documents for their projects.

Moreover, Moscow became the first Russian city, which transferred key state services related to construction sector to electronic format: nowadays one can apply for a certain service online and get a result via the Internet.  Owing to this solution developers feel released of the red tape burden, corruption ricks are eliminated, and an application can be submitted from any place and at any time.

Kazinets Leonid Executive chairman of the Barkli corporation, President of the National Association of Property Developers
In point of fact, developers now use to say that the problem of administrative barriers is not an acute one, as it was 5-6 years ago, explained representatives of the Construction complex. Now it plans to regulate the functions that are carried out not only by state bodies, but also by private companies.

It is related to the fact that during the construction process – starting with registration of the land and up to commissioning of a building – about 60-70% of procedures concern technological connection to  utility networks. These services are provided by commercial grid companies such as MUEGC (Moscow United Power Grid Company) and others.

“To date, Moscow has managed to solve a number of problems with the grid companies that belong to the city – UEC (United Energy Company) and Mosvodokanal (Moscow Water and Sewage Company). It is now possible to submit online an application for a contract, and to obtain a contract for technological connection,” noted representatives of Construction complex.

Nikiforov Sergey Chief Engineer at Multifunctional Complex “Lakhta Center”
Most recently, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov held a meeting on optimizing administrative procedures. He set a task of adjusting mechanism of interdepartmental interaction in Moscow and Saint Petersburg – he ordered to regulate procedures, transfer them to e-format and minimize the list of obligatory documents from developers. The task was set before The Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Communications in cooperation with the governments of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Going one step further is the elaboration of procedures designed to help a developer to quickly receive comprehensive information on all steps of realization of a construction project in Moscow.

New feature – Calculator of procedures

“We are planning the first presentation of the new service on the Moscow Urban Forum, on June 30 at the stand “Building Is Simple”. Developers will be able to get acquainted with the Calculator in a test mode. And in July, we hope it will start to work at full capacity in “Personal account of developer” for all registered users,” commented representatives of Construction complex.

Vechernyaya Moskva