Digital “twin” to appear at Moscow to help developers


All urban planning in Moscow will be translated into 3D-format to create an electronic “double” of the capital. This was announced by the vice mayor of Moscow for urban planning and construction Marat Khusnullin.

According to him, entire neighborhoods are already being designed in the capital, and in the future a complete digital model of Moscow will be created. It is noted that Moscow has become a pilot region for the implementation of BIM in the construction industry, and all the necessary regulatory documents were adopted in two years.

So, for example, the Mosinzhproekt company applied this technology when creating a project for the Kutuzovsky Prospect understudy and when designing the Gymnastics Palace in Luzhniki. As noted by Marat Khusnullin, the new approach reduces the cost of the project, and also makes it possible to immediately take into account future operation and overhaul.

“We are trying to link this platform with other information resources so that we all have a fully information platform for all management and urban planning decisions,” said the vice mayor.

Meanwhile, Oleg Grigoryev, first deputy director of the Institute of the General Plan of Moscow, told how different types of modeling allow creating a digital description of the city, predicting the operation of the transport system and setting parameters for future engineering networks, buildings, places of work and residence.

 “Such“ balance ”models allow us to predict and propose how you need to build up in a city in such a way that it would provide a balanced sustainable development of the city, where what volumes can be built, what kind of functional explanation,” explained.

Source: National News Service