Digitalization simplify real estate construction


Until the end of the year, the Urban Planning Code will consolidate the concept of information modeling (BIM, Building Information Modeling) in construction. It is expected to switch to this technology in full by 2024. This is a process based on the use of intelligent 3D models. With the help of technology, specialists in the design of architectural elements, engineering systems and building structures can plan, build and operate buildings and infrastructure facilities.

And by October this year, the Strategy for the Innovative Development of the Construction Industry of the Russian Federation up to 2030 can be developed. This was announced at the Digital Construction Forum.

Today, when the Ministry of Construction is implementing the national project “Digital construction 2018-2024”, many laws need to be revised. Innovative building technologies often cannot be implemented due to regulatory or administrative barriers. The strategy will remove all lacunae and cover all stages of the life cycle of a capital construction object, as well as issues related to the urban planning regulation of the industry, said Alexei Chikov, senior researcher at the Institute of Management and Information Modeling of the University of the Ministry of Construction NIISF RAAS.

The document will reflect all options for the use of building materials, new technologies, the interaction between builders and other industry participants. The previous version of the strategy was developed in 2015, and many of its provisions are seriously outdated. At the same time, you shouldn’t abuse new technologies, one hundred percent transition to BIM is not needed in the design, market participants are sure. “Even in developed countries, BIM takes 20-30 percent, because it is simply not needed everywhere. Naturally, when 3D technologies are applied at nuclear power plants, but when we talk about a residential house, new technologies are appropriate where they are really needed. This should not only turn into beautiful pictures for the customer, ”said Alexander Kuzmin, President of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences.

Source: “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”