Direction of movement


The goal of the new construction strategy is to increase the competitiveness of the industry.

The All-Russian Conference “Strategy for the development of the construction industry in the Russian Federation” was held on April 15 at the site of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. According to Dmitry Volkov, Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities, who took part in the conference, the strategy is planned to be developed by October 2019. According to the deputy minister, it should be of a breakthrough nature and cover the areas of housing, industrial and infrastructure construction, the market of building materials and construction equipment, and provide for the introduction of innovations.

The document will identify priorities, goals and objectives for the development of the industry, as well as take into account long-term macroeconomic forecasts of the development of the country and strategic documents for the development of related industries. Each section of the strategy is developed by project teams, which include representatives of the professional and scientific communities, development institutions, and organizations under the Ministry of Construction. Coordinate the development of all sections of the strategy and form a consolidated document will be the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Answering the question why a new strategy is needed, Dmitry Volkov said that its basic idea is to increase the competitiveness of Russian companies. He regretfully stated that today the industry is losing major contractors and designers. “We need to turn the industry so that competencies grow inside, companies grow,” the deputy minister said.

 “We respect small and medium business, it should also be in construction and always will be. But we need large, strong companies in construction, so that competencies grow, financial and technological capabilities grow and strengthen, ”said the deputy minister. In this regard, during the press approach, Dmitry Volkov was asked: Is it possible that the ministry will support large business to the detriment of small business?

“No, of course,” the Deputy Minister assured. – We have a lot of tools, existing and prospective, which are aimed at the development of small business … We need a good, competitive small business. In this case, no one in no way doubts. At the same time, Dmitry Volkov once again stressed that it is about the creation of competencies. Regulation should be set up in such a way as to support companies-locomotives capable of implementing large construction projects in various industries. “Who will build bridges and huge factories?” This is how the question stands, ”answered Dmitry Volkov.

Within the framework of the conference “Strategy of development of the construction industry …” there were three thematic sections devoted to the mechanism of public procurement, BIM-technologies and pricing. Since Dmitry Volkov, Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities, mentioned contract regulation in his speech, the SG commentator asked the moderator of the conference, Vice President NOSTROY, Anton Glushkov, whether he sees the connection between the development strategy of the construction industry and changes in federal law No. 44-FZ on public procurement. “Now this is a separate work that is not directly related to the strategy, but if we try to define the role of the state and prescribe in the strategy, then, of course, such regulators as the laws of the Russian Federation cannot be left out,” answered Anton Glushkov.

The need to change the attitude of the state to the system of access to the construction market was announced at the conference by the Executive Director of NOSTROY Victor Pryadein. According to him, it is necessary to talk not only about the reform of self-regulation, but also about the auction system, administrative procedures, pricing and state supervision in construction. Among the existing problems, he noted the outdated regulatory and technical base, excessive government regulation, the presence of “gaps” in the state contract system. This puts the contractor in unequal conditions in relation to the state customer, state supervision, officials of all levels.

Therefore, according to Victor Pryadein, in the case of state order, the requirements for the customer’s specialists, state construction supervision, as well as officials who issue permits for the construction of facilities and their commissioning should be the same as for contractors.


As part of the business program of the All-Russian Conference “Strategy for the development of the construction industry in the Russian Federation”, the section “Development of BIM-technologies in Russia” worked. The section was moderated by the director of the Federal Center for Rationing, Standardization and Technical Compliance Assessment in Construction, Andrei Basov, who made a presentation on the concept of introducing a lifecycle management system for capital construction objects using information modeling technology. The main effect of the use of information modeling technology should be to simplify the coordination procedures, increase the efficiency of design and construction, reduce the cost of the project, reduce construction time, ”the speaker explained. And Sergey Yakubov, an information modeling engineer at the Giprogor Project Urban Planning Institute, demonstrated to the discussion participants the possibilities of modern information modeling software systems using the examples of implemented projects.


The participants of the project teams that will work on the “Strategy for the development of the construction industry in the Russian Federation” include DOM.RF, JSC, the Federal Autonomous Institution “Main Directorate of State Expertise”, the State Corporation – the Foundation for Assistance to the Housing and Utilities Reform, the Federal autonomous institution “Federal Center for Rationing, Standardization and Technical Compliance Assessment in Construction”, the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Higher Education of its formation “National Research Moscow State University of Construction”, JSC “Research Center“ Construction ”, NOPRIZ, NOSTROY, SRO ASK“ MSK ”and SRO APK“ MAP ”.

Source: “Construction newspaper” №15