Fast and transparent: Moscow construction complex creates electronic services for developers


In order to give impetus to the real estate market, the Moscow Construction Complex has developed a set of measures several years ago. One of them is introduction of electronic services for developers. Now some features of these services are available to everyone interested.

According to the Deputy Mayor of the city government on urban policy and construction Marat Khusnullin, abandonment of hard copy document flow lowers administrative barriers for real estate investors. “An important step to meet investment community is transferring state services related to construction sector to electronic format,” he said. This helps to reduce the number of paper documents and to simplify the system of interaction between business and government.

Processing of applications for state services is developing and improving every year. By the end of 2013, 7 out of 14 basic state services in construction sector could be obtained in electronic format, as for now – 12 state services are already available online. In most cases, the Construction Complex has completely abandoned hard copy format of interaction with developers.

Market participants have appreciated the convenience, promptness and efficiency of the new communication channel with the authorities. For comparison, following the results of 2013, 12% of the total number of applications was filed electronically, while in 2014 this number amounted to 33%. In 2015 the portal of the Construction Complex has processed more than 75% applications for state services in construction industry.

Electronic services not only save the time for developers, but also allow to exclude an applicant’s personal communication with officials, and therefore – to reduce corruption risks. The applicant does not need to collect a lot of documents, all of which are available to governmental agencies and are transmitted via the interagency electronic interaction tool – the Base Data Register. On the state services portal an applicant can track the progress of processing of his application.

Sergey Levkin, Head of the Department of Urban Planning Policy of Moscow, stressed that optimization of administrative procedures saves time and financial resources. “Transfer of state services to electronic format, creation of specialized services is meant to help developers more efficiently plan their business, reduce the cost of preparatory work in the implementation of their projects,” he noted. Simplification of procedures reduces the term of project implementation thereby increasing its profitability. Developers can reinvest savings in their projects with a positive impact on the pace of urban development of Moscow.

Convenient office

Last year, specialists of the Construction Complex have created the Cabinet of Developer (i.e. Personal Account of developer) in the framework of development of information and analytical system of management of urban planning activities. Now it serves as a basis for a common information space for construction companies of the capital.

Using the service you can get detailed information on all construction projects of a certain company and related documents: an expert conclusion of Mosgosekspertiza, a development plan of a land plot (GPZU), a construction permit, an occupancy permit and so on. It also delivers information on inspections to construction sites, improvement notices and penalties.

Upgrading the Service is in progress. A new section “Calculator of Procedures” was persented at the Moscow Urban Forum.

“With the help of this Calculator developers can promptly obtain exhaustive information about all the steps of implementation of building project in Moscow,” said The Head of Information and Analytical Office of Department of Urban development of Moscow Andrey Kurilov. For that purpose developers just need to choose the type of object, its settings, characteristics of the land plot and other urban development conditions and restrictions, as well as the necessity of connection to utility networks including individual housing construction objects. As a result we can find out how long the construction cycle will take from pre design stage up to commissioning a facility.

Free access

Two months after the launch of the project it was made open to all internet users. Now anyone can visit the state services portal and use a simple algorithm for calculating the necessary documentation for construction of a certain object.

“We have temporarily opened access to the Calculator for all Internet users in order to expand the target audience and to popularize this data resource. To date calculator has been used more than 270 times,” told Andrey Kurilov in his interview to

In addition, the Cabinet of Developer (i.e.Personal Account of Developer) is being upgraded, expanding its functionality. According to Kurilov, for the objects of city order it has been already created the option of submitting an e-application for project documentation approval after obtaining positive conclusion of expert examination.

One more significant area of work is informing investors on the implementation of administrative reform in construction sector. “Nowadays the project of creating united call-center of the Construction Complex is on the way, the main target audience of which will be developers,” said Andrey Kurilov.  Developers can contact call-center via telephone, e-mail or “Cabinet of developer”.

Finally, the executive authorities give seminars for developers on the provision of state services in electronic format (the schedule of the seminars can be found on the portal of the Construction Complex). Legal and physical persons can participate in them.