Five years is not a term


Houses under the renovation program will be built in three years

The Moscow authorities intend to shorten the construction period of houses under the renovation program from 5 to 3-3.5 years. This was stated by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Urban Development Policy and Construction Marat Khusnullin. The quality of construction works and the standard of finishing will remain high. The “Moscow perspective” was understood, due to what it will be possible to hand over new constructions faster.

Took Barriers

Today, the construction of a dwelling house and the collection of necessary documents occupy the developer for about five years. Such terms, according to the Moscow mayor’s office, are not suitable for the renovation program, which requires the resettlement of a million Muscovites. This is a total of 41 thousand apartments, or more than five thousand houses. To enable people to move to comfortable housing as soon as possible, the city authorities are going to build and introduce buildings as quickly as possible. “We are shortening the construction period to 3 to 3.5 years due to the reduction of bureaucratic procedures,” said Marat Khusnullin.

As the head of the department of urban policy of Moscow Sergey Lyovkin, the construction complex of the capital is constantly working on the optimization of administrative procedures. “When we receive a warrant for earthworks, as well as during engineering surveys, we expect to shorten the existing deadlines for another 80 days. As a result, the passage of administrative procedures for the construction of the object of renovation will take 538 days, it will take 63 procedures, “said Sergei Lyovkin.

Work to reduce administrative barriers began in 2013. In the electronic form all state services in construction were transferred, which greatly simplified the work of Moscow developers. In addition, the deadlines for the passage of various procedures are constantly shortened. So, only in 2017, from 30 to 14 days, the time for issuing the Town Planning Plan of the land plot (GPRS) was reduced, from 28 to 14 – the final inspection of the State Construction Supervision, from 30 to 20 – the state expertise of the design documentation for reuse, from 30 to 15 – estimates of the reliability of the estimated cost of the project documentation for reuse.

In addition, to reduce the administrative pressure on the business and reduce the costs of developers, the construction complex took an innovative decision to include in the GPRS information about underground communications and facilities, as well as on the preliminary technical conditions for connecting to networks.

Since February 1, 2018, according to the new administrative regulations, the service for the acceptance of executive documentation with the conduct of geodetic surveying will be provided by Moscomarchitecture. Previously, this function was carried out by the State Institution “Mosgorgeotrest”. The document defines a new procedure for conducting geodetic surveying of underground communications, structures, and parts of buildings.

For comparison: as early as 2017, 91 procedures had to be completed for the construction of an apartment building, which took 927 days. Now the total time required for obtaining all kinds of documents within the renovation program has been reduced to 618 days and 71 procedures.

Pressed on gas

The work of developers will also be simplified in connection with the connection of houses to utility networks. For this purpose, a new type of town planning documentation is being developed in connection with the implementation of the renovation program. “This is a comprehensive scheme of engineering technical connection,” said Nadezhda Karavanova, deputy head of the city’s city development policy department, adding that this implies a technical connection plan for the entire block, not each building separately.

Earlier in the Department of Urban Policy stated that this scheme will contain a description and graphic display of existing and planned communications. That is, even before the construction of houses began, developers will have information on the location of the engineering networks being designed and their technical characteristics for the whole territory of the renovation quarter.

The timing of the connection of new buildings to engineering networks will also be significantly reduced, and access permits are planned to be issued electronically. According to Marat Khusnullin, the city authorities are working on this issue with MOESK, MOEK, as well as with Mosvodokanal and Mosgaz.

“First, we are now setting the task for our subordinate organizations – Mosvodokanal, Mosgaz – to improve the work, to speed up the terms of connection, the timing of the agreement. We are doing a lot of work with MOESK and MOEK, we suggest switching to issuing all permits in electronic form, “the deputy mayor said.

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Source: newspaper “Moskovskya perspektiva”