Get support and find partners: which services are available online for entrepreneurs


At business sites, metropolitan entrepreneurs can apply for support, consult with specialists and take training courses.

To maintain business activity during the period of restrictive measures, metropolitan entrepreneurs are helped by online business services developed by the Moscow Government. You can use electronic resources at a convenient time anywhere where there is Internet access. They are available to all organizations and individual entrepreneurs registered in the capital. At business sites you can get the necessary services, as well as submit online applications for all types of support that entrepreneurs are now providing

Learn about types of support and apply for canceling rent payments

A special section has been developed on the portal, where information on support measures for business is collected and a service for their automatic selection is created. Here you can find information about all types of assistance provided by city and federal anti-crisis programs. Part of the services from the support program, entrepreneurs can get online.

For example, before June 30, Moscow abolished rental payments for enterprises in the areas of trade, catering, tourism, the hotel business, and household services that rent city premises and land. In order to get help, it is enough to send a free-form appeal to the metropolitan Department of city property. The application must be accompanied by photographs that would confirm the actual type of activity of the tenant, and a decision to suspend work during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the appeal can be sent using the service “Electronic Reception”. Through the reception can also receive a deferral of rental payments for the second quarter and Moscow developers.

In total, over 180 services and services are available in electronic form to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs on the portal. They are presented in the general catalog and are systematized for the convenience of searching by category. Through a personal account on the website, business owners can send information to the Commercial Register of the city of Moscow, learn about charges from government departments – the Pension Fund, the Federal Tax Service and others. Also, in your personal account, employers can manage digital passes of employees.

“Supporting business activity of entrepreneurs during forced restrictive measures related to the spread of coronavirus infection is one of the key tasks of the Moscow Government. The digital ecosystem of interaction between the city and business helps to support business processes, including remotely, which is especially important for protecting employees from coronavirus infection. IT solutions for entrepreneurs allow them to continue to interact with partners remotely, use electronic sales markets and receive the necessary support measures, ”said the Minister of the Government of Moscow, head of the Information Technology Department, Eduard Lysenko.

To register on the portal, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs need a qualified electronic signature. The surname, name and patronymic of the company representative or individual entrepreneur, date of birth, gender, SNILS must be indicated in the personal account. When creating a legal entity’s office, the company data – TIN and PSRN / BINIP – will be taken from the electronic signature without the need to fill in something manually. Additional information will also automatically come from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities / USRIP. Information about the checkpoint and contact information must be specified independently. Today, more than 86 thousand legal entities and individual entrepreneurs are registered on the portal.

Choose tax modes and go online courses

More than 20 online products for entrepreneurs are presented on the portal.

“In May, the portal provided an opportunity to apply for subsidies online. This type of support is most in demand today by small and medium-sized businesses. The emergence of such a service will enable the maximum number of entrepreneurs to take advantage of financial support from the city without exposing their health to additional risk. You can apply online to receive subsidies for participating in exhibitions, for equipment for residents of industrial parks and hotels, promoting products on marketplaces and online food delivery services, as well as running a franchise business. You can also pre-check the set of documents and the correctness of the application on the site, ”said Alexey Fursin, head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow.

In addition, has a free training special project on conducting business, “MBM Online Academy”. It contains three programs for students of different levels of training, a special section Pro_live and a database of successful cases. For example, a course on artificial intelligence for business, developed by specialists together with, is published here.

The “Individual Development Path” service determines what knowledge an entrepreneur lacks and recommends free training events and programs suitable for him to develop business competencies. Using the online consultation service, users will receive information on various issues of starting and developing a business and measures to support small and medium-sized businesses in Moscow.

To select a tax regime for business representatives, it is enough to answer only seven questions to determine the most profitable tax payment system, which will save money in the future. Also, users are available accounting, marketing and procurement services.

For entrepreneurs wishing to attract additional financial resources, the online services “Leave a request for a guarantee to the Credit Facility Assistance Fund” and “Leave a request for a loan at the MFPPiP” have been developed. To use online products for business and free training programs at, you need to log in to your account.

Create a new product and study sales markets

In September 2019, the platform of the Moscow Innovation Cluster was created for the interaction of business, science and government. About four thousand educational and scientific institutions, industrial enterprises, IT companies and infrastructure facilities became cluster members during this time.

A special section was launched to support entrepreneurs during the period of restrictive measures. It systematizes financial and non-financial measures to help business in the current circumstances. While at a computer at home, a cluster member can create a product without a factory, equipment, or employees. To do this, you only need to fill out an online application with a description of the tasks for contract manufacturing. The main areas are metalworking, instrumentation and pharmaceuticals. Demanded now and service selection of premises for rent. The database contains more than two thousand objects. The Marketplace section will help you find new markets for your home. It has already collected more than 750 thousand products and 125 thousand services.

On, a service is also available to check organizations for the accuracy of the data provided for processing digital passes. In addition, at there is a showcase of innovations Business vs COVID-19. It presents advanced technological solutions aimed at combating the spread of coronavirus infection and the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic. To register on the IT platform of the Moscow Innovation Cluster, it is enough to have an enhanced qualified electronic signature (UKEP).

Find a room and render a preferred loan

23 online services are available to entrepreneurs on the investment portal of the city of Moscow. With their help, you can apply for the assignment of resident status in a special economic zone, get acquainted with objects for investment, calculate the cost of a patent, send an appeal to the Moscow Government, leave a request for renting premises in a technology park, and much more.

“The site for six years remains one of the most popular specialized resources for business. Since 2014, the Moscow investment portal has been visited by more than 10 million people, about seven thousand unique users visit it every day. Recently, we successfully completed the first large-scale redesign of the portal. The site has actually created a virtual investor office. In addition to the existing ones, six new online services were added to simplify entrepreneurial activity and the implementation of investment projects in the capital, ”said Alexander Prokhorov, head of the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow.

According to the head of the department, during the period of restrictive measures in force in the city, the virtual property inspection service is gaining popularity. It allows entrepreneurs in 3D-mode to get acquainted in detail with non-residential premises, buildings and land plots put up for sale by the city. Lots with the possibility of virtual inspection in the section “Property from the city” are indicated by a special icon.

Another new investment portal service allows you to send an online application for preferential loans provided by the Moscow Fund for Industrial and Enterprise Support. In addition, it became possible through the portal to submit documents for subsidies. To register on the investment portal, you must fill out a special form.

Analyze prices and conclude contracts

Another important urban online tool for doing business is the Moscow suppliers portal. Every day, customers and suppliers conclude more than a thousand transactions online. The electronic catalog contains over 500 thousand structured commodity units (CTE), and more than 170 thousand entrepreneurs are already working with the supplier portal. Using the classifier it is convenient to search and compare products, track price dynamics, sort products by characteristics and regions.

A format of simplified electronic auctions – quotation sessions – is available on the portal of suppliers. They can be spent in three, six and twenty four hours. To manage purchases, a supplier’s personal account has been developed, where you can plan and track your participation in tenders, organize information, arrange cases by time and importance, and keep abreast of current news.

According to the head of the Moscow Competition Policy Department, Ivan Shcherbakov, in the last year the supplier portal has undergone a number of changes, thanks to which it has become comfortable for both business and customers to work in the small-scale procurement market and operational transactions.

“An electronic document flow has been launched on the suppliers portal, transactions have become available not only between the state and business, but also between two legal entities, as well as transactions where the state is already acting as an executor. The supplier portal is being developed along with the requirements of the market and based on the needs of its users. The results are obvious: daily growth amounted to 100 new users, and the average competition in the small procurement market over the past eight years has increased from three to seven participants per lot, ”said Ivan Shcherbakov.

To register on the portal, the organization must have an enhanced qualified electronic signature. Entrepreneurs can also log in to the site using the login and password

Other services are available to entrepreneurs

Information service on subsidies to capital entrepreneurs from the Moscow Government

The service is part of the front office for the provision of subsidies to the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow. It was launched in mid-April. For a month and a half of work, its specialists have accepted more than 25 thousand requests from entrepreneurs. The portal provides comprehensive information about all 13 active subsidies for small and medium-sized businesses in the capital. Entrepreneurs can use the services of online applications for consultation and the selection of subsidies for the company TIN, as well as receive the necessary documents for their execution.

Online support for Moscow exporters

The Center for Support and Development of Industrial Export and Export of Products of AIC “Mosprom”, subordinate to the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of the city of Moscow, transferred free support measures for metropolitan companies to online mode.

For example, the center’s specialists are conducting preliminary negotiations with foreign buyers, so Moscow manufacturers do not need to travel abroad. For entrepreneurs, a specialized program for the development of export activities “Mentor’s lounge” is also working. In addition, the center launched a channel and a virtual assistant, where each metropolitan manufacturer can send a request for a support measure and get instant expert advice on foreign economic activity.

Portal of the Moscow Export Center (IEC)

You can learn about the basics and subtleties of export at the Moscow School of the Exporter, which has been converted to the online format since the end of March. The site contains an electronic catalog of Moscow manufacturers and their products, which is constantly updated. It is available in eight languages. The possibility of personal consultations from leading experts in foreign economic activity is also provided. For those who want to assess their potential for entering the international market, an export calculator has been developed. In addition, a personal analytics service has appeared in the export center. At the request of companies, the IEC staff conduct free in-depth research of five foreign markets. And for those who have already decided on the sales market, the center helps with the search for potential buyers.

Source: Official website of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow