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Since the beginning of the year, nearly 9,000 Muscovites have addressed to the EKC of the construction complex of the capital

Since the beginning of the year, the United Contact Center (EKC) of the Moscow construction complex has received about 9,000 applications, of which more than 3,500 are associated with the start-up renovation program. Residents most worried about the timing of the demolition of the old house and moving to a new, the address of the launching pad and the features of the move.

The single contact center of the capital construction complex was opened in March 2017. In its structure there is a reference and consulting service, which considers the appeals of residents and developers on all issues related to construction in the city.

This year, more than a third of all appeals are related to the implementation of the housing renovation program. Since the beginning of the year, more than 3,500 questions have been received from the Muscovites in this contact center. In addition to the already requested requests for demolition and relocation, the residents come up with concrete proposals, in particular, advise the addresses of the new launching sites, which they consider possible for the construction of houses for resettlement.

It is worth noting that the contact center is also being used by developers. As Yelena Lepikhina, the head of the YEC, told, about a third of all inquiries come from representatives of construction companies. “They mostly care about the design of a town planning documentation, a lot of issues related to land registration, there are requests for advice on obtaining various permits,” Lepikhina said.

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EKC specialists work out feedback from developers, collect information on the usefulness of these or other consultations. “We clearly monitor the effectiveness of our work, the number of resolved issues on applications from developers. Even if we can not help at once and answer the question, specialists take the contacts of the caller, receive the necessary information, and then forward the response to the applicants, “added the head of the center. The center also receives complaints about the builders. Since the beginning of the year, about 120 complaints have come with comments about the noise, timing or quality of construction work in the city. According to the regulations and requirements of the regulations, answers to incoming inquiries and appeals can be prepared within 30 days, however, the average waiting period for those applying to the contact center rarely exceeds 5-7 days.

For answers to questions from Muscovites and developers, the contact center specialists use the “Knowledge Base” – an information resource containing answers to typical questions. “Knowledge Base” consists of 60 main subsections, which contain about 600 articles on the main issues related to urban development. These are electronic services, government services in the construction industry, issues related to renovation, references on authorities in the construction complex, and their functions. In fact, with the help of the Knowledge Base, a contact center employee can answer any question.