Help, not prohibit


Experts consider the rationale of investments and improving the quality of construction to be the main tasks of the expertise.

The II International Conference “Development of the Institute of Building Expertise” was held at the World Trade Center in Moscow. More than 100 specialists from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia took part in its work. As the head of the Ministry of Construction Vladimir Yakushev, who spoke at the conference, noted that the examination today should be an institution not prohibiting, but developing and increasing the efficiency of construction and capital investments. If before the main task of experts was to check the compliance of project documentation with regulatory and technical requirements, then “the examination of the future should learn how to work with the justification of investments and be at the forefront of the introduction of modern technologies”. Now, documents concerning the introduction of the institute for justifying investments are in a high degree of readiness, which, in fact, is a modernized version of the pre-project stage of work of experts. Scientific research, expert evaluation and preliminary audit of documentation, including investment projects, will allow creating a kind of new institution – a dual-use examination, said Vladimir Yakushev.
The minister also said that the Ministry of Construction had started the development of the Digital Construction project in order to fulfill the presidential instruction On Modernization of the Construction Industry and Improving the Quality of Construction, which calls for a transition to the life-cycle management system of capital construction projects through the introduction of information modeling technologies.

In turn, the head of the Glavgosexpertiza of Russia, Igor Manylov, said that the expert opinion on the results of the evaluation of the investment justification would be taken into account when allocating funds from the federal budget. According to him, it is precisely within the framework of the institute for justifying investments that the development of fundamental design decisions will be carried out, the marginal cost of construction will be determined using the construction price standards and the cost of similar projects and the design task will be prepared. The audit of this study will be carried out by expert organizations. The introduction of this institution will provide a significant improvement in the quality of the initial data for the design and accuracy of budget planning.
A regulatory procedure has already been laid down for conducting a technological and price audit of justifying investments in the creation of capital construction objects, in respect of which it is planned to conclude contracts at the same time for the performance of works on design, construction and commissioning. New changes in the legislation, which is being worked on, provide for the introduction of a mechanism for justifying investments in a wider range of capital construction projects.
In this case, the expert opinion issued on the basis of the evaluation of the investment justification should be taken into account by the customer when approving the design assignment and when deciding on the inclusion of the project in the federal targeted investment program and the provision of federal budget funds.

According to Igor Manylov, the main approach should be an approach to experts when the project and its cost are evaluated taking into account the optimality and effectiveness of the proposed solutions and the subsequent costs of operating the facility. “We are striving to reduce administrative barriers, improve the expert certification system, combine project and budget documentation into a single complex and solve many other tasks that will help improve working conditions for the construction complex,” the head of Glavgosexpertiza said.
All the necessary decisions, including those establishing the obligatory use of cost-effective project documentation by government customers, have been adopted at the legislative level. Now the issues of ensuring the quality of projects and their aggregation within a single resource come to the fore.
Conference participants also appreciated the experience of Kazakhstan in the organization of state expertise. As Vladimir Yakushev noted, Russia cannot yet boast such an achievement of Kazakhstani colleagues as the unification of construction, environmental and sanitary expertise. Moreover, it is important not only the fact of organizing the work of Kazakhstan’s state examination on the principle of “one window”, but also the great work that preceded it to expand the list of services provided in electronic form. In particular, the great interest at the conference was caused by the experience of providing services in electronic format by the Republican State Enterprise “Gosexpertiza” of the Committee for Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Ministry for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Source: “Stroitelnaya gazeta”