How the national project on housing will be implemented


By 2024, the Ministry of Construction nevertheless sees the possibility of reaching the previously established indicators of the national project “Housing and Urban Environment” for the construction of residential buildings. This was stated by Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Vladimir Yakushev at a meeting of the Federation Council.

According to the results of the first quarter, housing commissioning volumes were 4.1% higher than last year. But by May 1, input volumes fell by 5% compared to last year. A number of measures have been taken to support the industry – subsidizing mortgage rates and loans to developers, a program has been launched to buy unclaimed apartments from developers, 30 billion rubles have been allocated to complete the construction of problem houses.

Now, according to the minister, the department is undergoing serious work to assess the prospects of the construction industry. “We are preparing a number of proposals, with the support of which we are still looking at the output of 120 million square meters by 2024. Inside, there may be some suggestions for adjustment, ”the minister said.

A lot of work remains to be done in terms of regulation in the construction industry, reduction of administrative barriers, some financial support is expected.

According to the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, the implementation this year of the housing project indicators set by the national project for housing is of greatest concern. “This indicator was not achieved under normal conditions last year,” said Svetlana Orlova, JV auditor. Now the risks of default have increased due to lower demand for housing and an increase in construction costs. According to the joint venture, individual housing construction can become the “locomotive” of the industry.

The program for the development of individual housing construction has long been developed and introduced by the ministry into the government, Yakushev noted. “No one has refused this program; it is being considered and discussed,” he emphasized. An effective loan mechanism for the construction of private houses was found, according to him, by the Ministry of Agriculture in the program of rural mortgages. “As part of the financing that the Ministry of Construction has, we even decided to refuse 500 million rubles and give this money to the Ministry of Agriculture so that they could continue this product, which is very popular,” the minister said. Also, the Ministry of Construction is ready to support a preferential mortgage for the Arctic territories, if it is proposed by the Ministry of Finance, whose authority includes the development of mortgage programs.

The Ministry of Construction does not support the phased opening of escrow accounts, Yakushev specified. “The system and banks are not ready for such a difficult issue, because it requires rather strict administration. It is necessary to determine the implementation of work at the stage of 30-50%, to confirm the implementation of these works, ”the minister explained. However, the Ministry of Construction advocates the adoption of a norm on the disclosure of escrow accounts immediately after putting the house into operation, and not after the registration of ownership (the bill was submitted to the State Duma about this). “We believe that there are already no risks,” the minister said. The developer will be able to get funds from escrow accounts three months earlier, repay the loan to the bank and stop paying interest.

In addition, the Ministry of Construction has developed a new methodology for determining the average cost per square meter of housing in the regions. It should bring the “official” value of real estate to market prices. “We came to the conclusion that just the sum of the primary and secondary, divided by two, is the most fair price per square meter. When we checked all the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, we almost hit the market, ”Yakushev said. Now this technique has been introduced by the Ministry of Construction to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economic Development, coordination is underway. However, they will accept it taking into account whether it is necessary to significantly increase funding for the relocation of citizens from emergency housing (this program is now working most successfully and by the end of the year, according to the Ministry of Construction, will be overfulfilled by 50%).

Source: Rossiyskaya gazeta