How to obtain construction permit?


Since April 2012, the procedure for issuing construction permits was simplified. Then, for the vast majority of projects funded from extra-budgetary sources, it became optional to pass through the state examination of project documentation. Now in order to get a construction permit, Mosgosstroynadzor has to accept the conclusion of any organization of the list of accredited by RusAccreditation (Federal Accreditation Service) for the right to perform non-state examination.

As stated in the Construction Code of the Russian Federation, the following documents are necessary to obtain a construction permit:
– documents of title to land (land lease agreement or certificate of state registration of the land);
– development plan of the land plot (GPZU), or requisites of planning design and boundary setting plan (for linear object);
– materials contained in the project documentation;
– certificate of expert assessment of project documentation made by state or non-state expert examination in cases provided by  Art. 49 of the Construction Code of the Russian Federation;
– copy of the certificate of accreditation of the person who issued expert assessment of non-state examination;
– certificate of approval of architectural and urban planning design (AGR) if required (according to the Moscow government resolution #284-PP dated April 30, 2013);
– Consent of all owners of a capital construction object (in case of reconstruction).

Since July 1, 2012, state and municipal authorities are prohibited to request documents which are in possession of other state agencies of executive power. Nowadays state agencies are required to request and receive these documents and data via interdepartmental electronic interaction. Since November 1, 2014, issuance of construction permit for objects regardless of the funding sources can be made only in electronic format.

After passing the identification procedure the applicant can submit application by filling in online form on the portal of state services, and send a request to the executive authority via the Internet. The request will be received by Mosgosstroynadzor officer and processed in the same way as if the applicant had come personally. The developer will receive construction permit certified by digital signature in his office. Pursuant to the requirements of Art. 51 of the Construction Code of the Russian Federation, construction permits are issued within ten working days, otherwise a developer will receive a reasonable rejection.

The number of applications submitted via the portal of state services is constantly growing. In 2013, 471 applications for issuance and renewal of construction permits were submitted via the portal of state services, in 2014 the figure amounted to 1834, in 2015 the figure reached 5713 applications (3.1 times as much as in 2014 year), and 1874 applications have been already received in 2016.

In addition, since April 3, 2016, the resolution of the Moscow government came into force, according to which the need to obtain permits for many cases of construction and reconstruction of utility networks is repealed. Cancellation of the need to obtain construction permits will reduce the term of connection to utility networks and significantly reduce the time of commissioning objects.

From January to April 2016 Mosgosstroynadzor has issued 473 construction permits for new facilities with total area of 4.556 million square meters. For the same period last year 439 construction permits for the total area of 4.466 million square meters were issued. More than half of the total volume of real estate construction is housing.