How to obtain order on excavation works?


Without a UATI order (Union of Administrative Technical Inspections) in Moscow one cannot conduct excavation at a depth of more than half meter, install temporary fencing or place temporary objects during construction works. If construction was launched without an order, legislation provides for an administrative penalty.

Since April 18, 2016 orders are obtained exclusively in electronic format through the portal of state services To submit a request for a service, an applicant needs to get a digital signature, and create a personal account on the portal. Transfer of this service to electronic format resulted in the reduction of the set of documents and the term of their registration, it also provided round the clock option to submit applications.

Moreover, an applicant no longer needs to come to UATI for results: the process of registration of all documentation can be tracked in a personal account. The service is completely free of charge. It can be obtained only by legal entities or individual entrepreneurs, formed in accordance with the Russian legislation”.

Kazinets Leonid Executive chairman of the Barkli corporation, President of the National Association of Property Developers
Orders are issued within 13 working days from the date of filing in the application. Terms of state services for the purpose of capital construction can be reduced from 13 to 7 days in September 2016 under the following conditions: availability of construction permit, works must be carried out within the borders of a land pot designated in the construction permit, and they should be carried out without involvement of a roadway.

What documents are required to obtain an order:

1. Work execution plan (scanned copy)
2. Work execution schedule (scanned copy)
3. Information about the construction permit (details)
4. Information about the title documents for the land plot (details)
5. Information on compliance the project with consolidated plan of utility networks (details)

Submitting documents developers often make a lot of mistakes. Thus, the work execution plan should include only three types of work – earthwork operations, fencing of temporary structures and temporary placement of facilities. Developers usually submit the entire project, which contain all the steps of construction project. That is, instead of work execution plan on the three types of work they submit the work execution plan of the entire object.

Applicants often include works that are directly related to details of construction in the work execution schedule. For example, they include “development of the foundation,” “the installation of wall panels” and so on. But the point is that you need to specify just three items – earthwork operations, fencing of temporary structures and temporary placement of facilities. If these items are filled in incorrectly, an applicant is denied for the provision of state services with an explanation of his mistakes. After correcting documentation a developer may repeat his application.