Is the future of construction in digital twins?


Federal authorities improve the efficiency of one of the largest sectors of the economy

What is the future of construction? At the philistine level, in this case, a dispute arises between people who prefer monolithic houses or built of bricks. Although the answer is on a completely different plane. So, now the Ministry of Construction of Russia is actively introducing a work management system at construction sites using information modeling technologies (BIM technologies). Experts believe that this will modernize the industry and improve the quality of construction throughout the country.

“Bring the industry to a new level”

Information modeling technology or BIM is an approach to the construction, equipping, maintenance and repair of a building, involving the collection and integrated processing in the design process of all architectural, engineering, technological, economic and other information about the building. Moreover, the building and everything related to it is considered as a single object.

With the help of BIM, at the design stage, a 3D model is created – a digital twin of a building, each element of which can contain a lot of nuances: from technical information about the installation to information about the building materials used and the estimated cost. Also, modeling technologies allow you to configure the logistics of materials and resources for objects with complex locations. For example, when developing a territory in the city center, where there is no possibility to mobilize large construction sites with extensive warehouses. The 3D model makes it easier to plan deadlines and labor costs thanks to the visualization of the construction process, which provides for monitoring the completion of tasks, backlog or ahead of the schedule. The data taken from the model is visualized in the form of graphs and charts. By analyzing this data, project participants, even without visiting the construction site, can draw conclusions about the progress of work and take the necessary measures to make adjustments!

The labor protection management system using BIM is aimed at monitoring dangerous actions and violations during construction and installation work. With the use of the BIM-model, it becomes possible to filter out the types of violations and conduct a preliminary assessment of future measures in the field of labor protection, proactively obtain an analysis of the probability of an accident (risk-based approach).

“The use of digital technologies is a strategic priority for the development of the construction industry. The end-to-end technology will lead to a change in related information systems that are now used in urban planning activities, – explained the Minister of Construction and Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation Vladimir Yakushev. – Already now it is necessary to identify and test innovations so that in the future information models will become an operational means of communication between customers and government bodies at the stage of examination, licensing and supervisory activities. We have repeatedly said that without a digital twin, that is, without the use of BIM technologies, there will be no progress in construction. ”

Try out technologies

To develop information modeling technology in the country, a whole range of measures is being taken:

  1. Formation of the legal framework. Key steps in this direction have already been taken. Thus, the Federal Law No. 151-FZ of June 27, 2019 introduced the concept of information modeling. The development of the rules for the formation and maintenance of information models, the rules for the formation and maintenance of the classifier of construction information, the structure and composition of the classifier of construction information is nearing completion.
  2. Development of a basic element for the development of information modeling – a classifier of construction information. Its essence is to assign unique names to all elements of buildings and structures that are built in the BIM model.
  1. Creation of the State information system for the provision of urban planning activities in the Russian Federation, infrastructure, providing information and technological interaction of participants in urban planning activities.

“BIM is a young, emerging technology. Our common task is to contribute to its development, – said Dmitry Volkov, Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation. – The implementation of each of the projects participating in the IV All-Russian competition with international participation “BIM-technologies 2019/20″ is of great importance to us. The international synergy that we see today will help all of us to test the world’s best technologies in our work. For example, to build a modular building using information modeling technologies on an industrial scale. Such modern technologies, changing materials and design methods take the construction industry to a completely new level and make it possible to implement unique projects. ”

By the end of this year, a construction information classifier will be launched, the launch of which will be an important step towards the widespread use of BIM technologies.

  1. Translation of normative and technical documents into a machine-readable format.
  2. Finally, it is planned to conduct advanced training courses to train government customers in information modeling technology.

Representatives of large construction companies, the expert and scientific community are actively involved in the implementation of information modeling technologies in a special subcommittee of the Ministry of Construction of Russia. In early 2020, the composition of the subcommittee was strengthened. Now the closest attention of experts is focused on improving existing and developing new regulatory and technical documents.

Over four years, about 500 projects were submitted to the competition

On August 18, the IV All-Russian competition with international participation “BIM-technologies 2019/20” ended. The largest Russian and foreign design and construction organizations, architectural bureaus, software developers, development companies, as well as students of specialized universities in Russia take part in the competition annually. The competition has a vast geography – in four years about 500 projects were submitted to the competition from different cities of Russia, as well as from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Italy and Hungary.

By the way

Where has information modeling already been used in Moscow?

♦ Residential complex “Seliger-City”, 3rd stage. Developer – MR Group. The INGRAD Project company has developed working documentation using a BIM model.

♦ Business class residential complex “Silver Fountain”, Alekseevsky district. Etalon Group. Each of the buildings of the residential complex received an individual architectural solution. The author of the architectural concept of the project is the SPEECH bureau.

♦ A complex of premium apartments with public and business space “RED7” of the “Project Bureau APEX”. When working with the authors of the project, the BIM360 Team platform (now BIM360 Design) was used.

Source: “Komsomolskaya Pravda”