Moscow passed training workshop on registration of rights to built-in facility


Larisa Usovich, Director General of the Center for Continental Law Development, Stanislav Krymov, Deputy Head of the Department for Optimization of Procedures in the Construction Sector, Department of Urban Development Policy, Chief Specialist and Expert of the Coordination and Analysis Department in the Registration and Registration Department, took part in the seminar held on April 5 in Moscow Rifkhat Khalilullin, as well as the main expert expert of the municipal department of real estate registration for Moscow’s TINAO Marina Azizov.

Representatives of the registration authorities spoke about the procedure for providing services for the registration of newly constructed facilities, the formation of a package of documents required for this procedure and the possible grounds for refusal of registration.

Also, Rifkhat Khalilullin, Chief Expert, Department of Coordination and Analysis of Activity in the Registration and Registration Sphere of the Office of Rosreestra in Moscow, spoke about the procedure for eliminating comments in the documentation submitted for registering property rights. Experts explained the procedure for appealing decisions of Rosreestr bodies.

Representatives of developers, also raised issues of document management optimization in the provision of this service, as well as on the interaction between the Moscow City Register and the Moscow State Construction Control Department. Also during the discussion, the issue of digitization of the property rights registration process was raised.

Of particular interest to the participants of the seminar were questions of registering objects of individual housing construction, garden houses, engineering and linear objects. Another set of questions from developers concerned the registration of property rights to buildings’ monuments built in the conservation zone and interaction with the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow.