Moskomekspertiza ready to transfer 2 more state services to electronic format


Lowering administrative barriers in construction is one of the essential tasks for the Moscow Construction complex, its implementation is composed of many aspects. Today, all participants of the construction process have a clear understanding of conditions of receiving services, required set of documents, terms and results of state services. However, lowering administrative barriers does not only imply regulation and transparency of state services, but also their rapid transfer to electronic format, according to Roman Maslov, Deputy Chairman of Moskomekspertiza (Committee of Moscow on the state examination of projects and pricing in construction). In his interview, he told about the plans of the Committee and its subordinate authorities of further transfer of services to electronic format.

Which state services of Moskomekspertiza is already available in electronic format?

Moskomekspertiza and its subordinate authorities are working on transfer of services to electronic format. For more than three years, since the adoption of the Resolution of the Moscow Government # 153-PP, Mosgosekspertiza (Moscow State Expert Committee) is conducting state expert examination of project documentation and engineering survey results in e-format. Since October 1, 2013, e-format is mandatory for projects financed from the budget of the city of Moscow.

During this time we established workflow management without the excessive use of paper, as soon as processing hard copy documents has been associated with many difficulties, which leaded to delays in the process of passing through examination. Now, all the documentation and related correspondence of experts and customers is carried out in electronic format. The customer has the opportunity not only to apply for state examination through the portal of state services, but also to book an appointment with an expert, and even to obtain a conclusion of Mosgosekspertiza online.

In fact, passage of state examination does not require any visits to the office of Mosgosekspertiza that definitely affects the term of consideration of project documentation. The efficiency of experts work has also increased, because now all specialists involved in examination of a project have access to documents at the same time. The benefits of obtaining this service in electronic format will eventually even redouble – Mosgosekspertiza is constantly improving its own performance, adding new features and possibilities. For example, for convenience of applicants we launched a service of video call to an expert that allows you to discuss and instantly address the comments. Every innovation of Mosgosekspertiza is aimed at optimizing the terms of passing though the expert examination.

Are these services available for investors?

Yes, of course, e-services are provided not only for state customers, but also for private investors who want to pass though the expert examination as quickly and comfortable as possible. It must be noted that the popularity of online services is constantly growing – 2825 applications were submitted in e-format within the six months of this year. The share of investors who prefer this way of interaction is growing every year: more than 30% of all investment projects over this period passed through the state expert examination in electronic format. We expect further growth in this indicator, as the provision of services for expert examination of project documentation and engineering survey results in e-format is designed primarily for convenience of customers.

What are the recent plans for transfer services of Moskomekspertiza to e-format?

In the near future two important services will be transferred to electronic format – validation of estimated value of capital construction projects and approval of PSTS (project specific technical specifications).

Validation of estimated value is a mandatory stage of approval for facilities financed in whole or in part at the expense of the Moscow city budget. During this procedure, Mosgosekspertiza experts estimate not only the accuracy of estimated cost decisions in the context of certain project documentation, but also their compliance with current market conditions. This comprehensive approach allows us to ensure optimal spending of budgetary funds. Until the end of the year the service will be available for applicants in electronic format on the portal of state services. As in the case of state expert examination of project documentation or engineering survey results, customers will be able to reduce time expenditures on the passage of state inspection.

The service of approval of PSTS will be available on the portal of state services in autumn. PSTS is the keystone of highly technical projects, without PSTS it is impossible to validate a decision on safety and reliability of structures. PSTS represents special features of engineering surveys, design, construction, operation and dismantling of a certain object.

This document is also required in cases where compliance with the existing regulations is not enough to fully ensure safety and reliability of a project, for example, the case of construction of the Metro facilities. Upon the transfer of this service to electronic format a customer will be able to apply online for approval of PSTS, uploading project documentation to the portal of state services and eventually getting a letter on approval or denial to approve PSTS.

These e-services will be available on the portal of state services. Will it be possible to get any e-services on the sites Moskomeksperiza and subordinate authorities?

Yes, today we are also actively working on the transfer of services for private investors to electronic format. New options will soon become available on the websites of departments, including the service for conducting of non-state expert examination, technological and price audit and consultancy services. Moskomekspertiza and subordinate authorities strive for quick transfer of the maximum number of services to electronic format. Lowering administrative barriers in construction is a prerequisite for establishment of favorable investment climate in the capital, which in turn contributes to further development of Moscow as one of the largest megacities in the world.

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