Online services have become an integral part of the work of developers


10 thousand is a lot or a little? When it comes to applications for connecting facilities to the networks of electricity, heat, gas, water and wastewater, it’s very decent. That is how many online applications developers submitted electronically using the service of the portal from the moment the service was transferred to electronic form.

“This speaks of the demand for the online format, the introduction of electronic services is carried out on behalf of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and is increasingly becoming part of the everyday life of citizens,” said Sergei Levkin, head of the Moscow City Planning Policy Department.

In Moscow, in a pilot project for converting services to connect to utility networks into electronic form, 6 resource-supplying organizations participate with which cooperation agreements have been concluded (JSC “OEC”, PJSC “MOEK”, PJSC “MOESK”, JSC “MOSGAZ”, JSC ” Mosoblgaz “, JSC” Mosvodokanal “). During 2020, it is also planned to ensure the possibility of receiving on portal the services of GUP Mosvodostok for the provision of technical conditions, the conclusion of agreements on connection and the issuance of acts on connecting objects.

In addition, this year it is planned to convert the services of resource-supplying organizations into electronic form for concluding additional agreements to the connection agreement. Also, specialists are working on the possibility of transferring another service into electronic form – issuing acts on the fulfillment of technical conditions.

 IMPORTANT: developers can not only submit online applications, but also perform other actions in electronic form to accompany them:

– track the progress of the service;

– send, if necessary, the missing documents;

– Sign documents electronically;

– receive the results of services in your account on the portal

“Within the framework of this service, developers can not only submit online applications, but also track the progress of the service, send, if necessary, missing documents, electronically sign documents, receive results in a personal account on the portal,” notes Sergey Levkin.

On the basis of the portal, a single entry point has been created for receiving both state services in the field of construction and services of network organizations, which allows reducing the time of interaction between developers and network organizations, increasing the transparency and accessibility of services for connecting to utility networks.

Positive effect of administrative reforms

Last year, Russia climbed three positions — from 31st to 28th — in the Doing Business’s annual World Bank ranking, making it to the top 30 for the first time. Among the positive changes for business, World Bank experts noted a reduction in terms of connection to electric networks. According to this indicator, Russia has moved from 12th to 7th place in the ranking, this is the most successful direction for it. Moscow, as the initiator of the experiment to reform the technical connection procedure, played a significant role in this.

Simplification of procedures and improved interaction with authorities are also confirmed by the developers themselves, who already today see the positive effect of converting the services of resource-supplying organizations into electronic form.

“Russia’s position in the World Bank rating is a long way of reforms that, in particular, has passed the Moscow government in the investment and construction sector. Much has been done so that investors can make effective decisions at the early stages of the project development: the composition of the GPZU has been expanded, a consolidated plan of underground communications has been formed, and the Geofund data has been digitized. The translation of almost all services into electronic form, including the services of the North Ossetia, and the reduction of their terms significantly saves the developer’s time”, said Lyubov Tsvetkova, chairman of the board of the Moscow Association of Investors.

 How to understand the construction of public services

A guide to public construction services, the latest news on the topic, instructions and video seminars for developers are available on the specialized portal “We Build Easy” ( The portal is very modern, with a great interface. But most importantly, industry experts can find answers to the vast majority of their questions, get acquainted with case studies and thoroughly learn the procedure for paperwork.

In the section “Service Guide” there is a detailed description of each of them. Here you can familiarize yourself with the sample application and the list of necessary documents, see the regulations and video instructions for receiving the service.

The portal “Training Seminars” is constantly updated on the portal, which addresses pressing practical issues and real cases from developers.

Construction participants and authorities are ready for a fundamentally new interaction

The Moscow government has been working for several years, including those aimed at administrative support measures and information resources. In particular, as we have already written, this is a portal and a mobile application “We Build Easy,” which timely and accessible inform about the ongoing changes in the sphere of regulation and procedures for obtaining public services.

Since March 2017, the Unified Contact Center (CTC) of the Moscow Construction Complex has been operating, which provides information support on a wide range of industry issues, quickly solves the developers ‘problems related to receiving services in the construction sector, and accepts Muscovites’ appeals regarding construction projects.

Training seminars are held on a regular basis for Moscow developers, within the framework of which each participant receives clarifications on the new rules of the procedure and changes in the workflow. The immediate plans for optimizing administrative procedures in Moscow are related to the introduction of a fundamentally new approach to organizing the interaction of construction participants and authorities.

“A new approach to the organization of interaction between construction participants and authorities is based on the implementation of integrated services on the basis of a single digital interaction platform while maintaining control over the quality and safety of construction,” says Sergey Levkin. – The concept of providing integrated services in construction is being developed. The implementation of complex services based on a single digital platform for interaction will eliminate redundant interactions due to the work of all construction participants in a single electronic environment. ” According to the results of the VTsIOM study, the majority of Moscow developers positively assess the possibility of receiving comprehensive services on a single application.

The Ministry of Construction prepared a draft decree of the Government of the Russian Federation aimed at increasing the number of participants in a pilot project for converting the services of network organizations for connection to electronic form. The desire to participate in the experiment was expressed by the regions of the Far East and the Republic of Tatarstan.

Source: Moskovskiy Komsomolets