Personal Account of Developer will be more user-friendly


Personal account of developer ( on the portal of the Construction Complex of Moscow is being upgraded. Soon it will be more convenient for users – construction companies operating in Moscow.

The e-service for developers “Personal Account” was created for construction companies to obtain information and documents on current projects: conclusions of Mosgosekspertiza (the Moscow State Expert Committee), development plans of land plots (GPZU), construction and occupancy permits, etc.
Today a developer can get access to e-services and information of the Construction Complex of Moscow following three easy steps:

Step 1 — registration on the city portal of state services  (
Step 2 — submitting an online application for e-service “Personal Account of Developer”
Step 3 — getting confirmation via e-mail.

After completing these three steps, you can enter the “Personal Account of Developer” using confirmed login details.

“Personal Account of Developer” includes 6 sections:
•    services
•    construction projects
•    documents
•    decisions
•    inspections
•    events

A developer can find a list of his construction projects. Moreover, “Personal Account of Developer” contains complete information on the projects with online links to the documents.

Through the “Personal Account of Developer” you can get information about the inspections on construction sites, prescripts and penalties.

“Personal Account of Developer” was designed by the Construction Complex of Moscow for the purpose of development of the Information and Analysis management system of Urban Development of Moscow (IAS UGD).

The work on improvement of this service is in progress. A common information area for construction companies of Moscow will be created on the basis of Personal Account of Developer.

In the near future a developer will be able to receive updates on the results of the boards and working groups relating to his construction projects, as well as important events and activities.

It should be noted that the e-services are in high demand by Moscow developers. For example, last year more than 75% of applications for the provision of services in the construction industry were submitted via Internet. By comparison, in 2013 only 13% of claims were submitted online, and 33% in 2014.

12 out of 14 state services in construction industry are available now in e-format. Applications can be submitted from around the world at any time through a personal account of developer on the Moscow state services portal. This is a time saver for developers. The applicant does not need to collect a huge amount of documents: all of them are at the disposal of government agencies and are transmitted via the base information register. There, on the state services portal, the applicant may track the progress of consideration of his appeal.

The Construction Complex gives free seminars for developers on the provision of public services in electronic format; the schedule of seminars can be found on