Putin: The construction complex will become the locomotive of growth at reconstruction of the economy


The President noted that the situation in the housing market and the implementation of plans for the construction of another supporting infrastructure of the country depend on the efficient and rhythmic work of the construction complex

Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised support for the construction industry, which will become the engine of growth during economic recovery.

“We will definitely support the construction complex. Moreover, at the stage of economic recovery, construction should become one of the locomotives of growth, which will also attract other sectors”, the head of state said at a meeting on the development of the construction industry.

According to Putin, the situation on the housing market, the implementation of large-scale plans for the construction and updating of roads, seaports, transport hubs, and other supporting infrastructure of the country depend on the effective and rhythmic work of the construction complex. “Construction as a whole is a sector that closes a large number of enterprises, large, medium, small companies from related sectors, such as the production of building materials and equipment, metallurgy, woodworking, chemistry,” the Russian president said. In his opinion, these factors must be taken into account when making decisions on the construction sector.

The head of state noted that the head of a number of construction companies in Russia was participating in the discussion. Putin asked them to talk about the problems that their organizations, suppliers, contractors are facing now, “how are things going in the current difficult environment caused by the spread of coronavirus infection.”

Source: TASS