Reducing the cost of the construction by 5% – it’s possible!


Reducing construction costs by 5% is quite possible when using MacroERP, a ready-made system for construction companies that increases business efficiency through comprehensive construction automation.

The system developer is MACRO, an expert in the automation of the construction industry since 2012. At the moment, more than 80 builders and developers across Russia have already appreciated the business benefits that MacroERP creates.

MacroERP solves several main tasks at once:

Saves time

MacroERP allows you to save time for the entire team and quickly make the necessary management decisions based on accurate data in any area of ​​the construction process.

Simplifies the approval process

Approval of documents in one click reduces the approval time several times, allows you to configure the stages of approval and roles.

Reduces costs

The limit on the order of building materials will not allow ordering more than provided for in the project. Buy only what is really needed in a specific time frame in strict accordance with the planned budget. This also applies to accounting for stock balances and control of the transfer of building materials to the contractor. Taken together, MacroERP saves millions of rubles just by minimizing purchasing errors.

Allows you to see the cost of the project in the moment

With the help of the “Estimate” module, there is a unique opportunity online to monitor the cost of the project in the “Plan-fact” format and at any moment understand the current cost price and how much money is needed to complete it.

Control business from anywhere in the world

Online from anywhere in the world using MacroERP, you can track the actual availability of money in the accounts, expected receipts, planned costs for contractors and, most importantly, the financial result towards which the project is going. Another important advantage: when introducing the program, it becomes clear what exactly the estimator, VET engineer, supplier and other responsible employees should do. In addition, with the help of automation, developers have a unique opportunity to implement effective remote work of employees.

The costs of implementing and using MacroERP pay off already in the first months of use

 MacroERP are ready-made business processes that can significantly reduce the cost of construction. And to answer in real time the main question: what net profit a developer can expect upon completion of the construction of the facility, taking into account all risks and costs.

Why is MacroERP better than analogs offered by the market?

First, the product is as industry-specific as possible, with customized business processes, taking into account the experience of working with dozens of developers, including the TOP-100 developers in Russia. At the same time, with the possibility of flexible customization for the specifics of the business processes of each client.

Secondly, MacroERP is located in the MACRO ecosystem and integrates perfectly with the rest of its products. You do not need to use manual labor to integrate or receive reporting, you will avoid irrelevant information in the moment, loss of data and time when trying to adapt digital products to each other, because MACRO products are modules of the same digital ecosystem.

By connecting any of the MACRO digital products: be it MacroERP, MacroCRM, Tender platform, apartment transfer system, etc., the developer can be sure that the next module that appears in his personal account is already working according to the same rules and in close connection with other modules of the system.

Source: MacroERP