Regions are obligated to monitor financial situation of developers


In accordance with the anti-crisis plan, the regions should conduct weekly monitoring of the financial situation of developers. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Government of Russia Marat Khusnullin in the framework of the All-Russian conference call.

“I instructed the Ministry of Construction to conduct weekly monitoring of developers, and I asked the leaders of all regions about this today. Now it is necessary to analyze the state of the entire industry in each region and prevent the emergence of new problem points, ”said Marat Khusnullin.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, it is necessary to provide assistance to developers, including lowering the barriers in construction. “The heads of regions need to manually analyze the situation and understand how they can help the industry. In no case should we allow a slowdown in the pace of real estate commissioning, ”the Deputy Prime Minister added.

As SG wrote earlier, the Ministry of Construction of Russia introduces weekly monitoring of the financial situation of regional developers in the context of the coronavirus epidemic. At the same time, Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Vladimir Yakushev called on the regional authorities to be very careful about the data provided to the federal departments.

Source: Stroitelnaya gazeta