Renovation of procedures


The  renovation program will help reduce administrative barriers in construction

The program for the renovation of housing stock, which is being implemented today in Moscow, has become a catalyst for reducing administrative barriers in construction and simplifying the procedures for issuing permits.

The work on the optimization of administrative procedures, started a year ago, is already bearing fruit. If in 2017 91 procedures were required for the construction of an apartment building, which usually took 927 days, today the total time required for this has been reduced to 618 days. Now to enter the site you need to go through 71 procedures. And this is not the limit. Until the end of this year, it is planned to simplify procedures when obtaining a warrant for earthworks, as well as for engineering surveys. While these issues are being worked out, the Moscow construction complex expects to reduce eight regulatory procedures, which will speed up the construction of each house under the renovation program for another 80 days. Thus, the period of passage of 63 administrative procedures for the construction of a house under the renovation program should be 538 days.

Head of the Urban Planning Policy departmentSergey Levkin believes that by reducing the procedures, the city creates more favorable conditions for the construction of apartment buildings, and this, in the long run, will contribute to the successful implementation of the program itself.

One of the most important areas is the simplification of the procedure for connecting new facilities to engineering networks. The Moscow authorities are working on this together with the network companies MOEK and MOESK, as well as with Mosvodokanal. Recently in Moscow, the rules for connecting renovation quarters to networks were approved. The decree of the city government introduced a new single document, which is a description and a diagram of existing and planned engineering infrastructure for the construction or reconstruction. As Sergey Levkin explained, the development of such a document will allow to have information on the location of the planned engineering networks and their technical characteristics before the beginning of the construction of residential houses throughout the quarter of the renovation. Thus, the developer and network organizations will have the opportunity to properly plan the work on connecting houses to the engineering infrastructure.

This document also determines the procedure for determining the point of connection to utility networks. Now it can be determined not only on the border of a land plot or an apartment building, as is customary under general rules, but also on the border of the territory subject to renovation. This will allow the developer to independently build the networks on such territory and thereby accelerate the processes of technological connection.

At the same time, a new integrated system for the development of engineering networks is being worked out in Moscow. And again – a new scheme is supposed to be implemented, first of all, in the neighborhoods being built for immigrants under the renovation program. This document should take into account the interests of different legal entities and the various forms of ownership registered in these areas. In the next month or two a new type of engineering scheme is planned to be submitted for approval.

Source: Stroitelnaya gazet, №26 of July 6, 2018