Restructuring and speed up


The program of renovation requires the reduction of administrative barriers.

The program of housing renovation that is going to start in Moscow will give a push to optimization of administrative barriers in construction. One of the key aspects will be the simplification of connection of new facilities to engineering networks. The new mechanism of connection of housing to communications will be tested during the program.

After Moscow authorities have decided to start renovation program the complex analysis of construction sphere was done. The analysis showed that the terms of construction in Moscow are too long – the construction of one apartment block takes about 4 years. The number of administrative procedures is excessive – minimum 110. Taking into account these conditions the renovation program can take decades that is the decision about optimization of administrative procedures in construction was made.

Special attention will be paid to technical connection of new houses to engineering networks because this is one of the main “bottlenecks”. According to Moscow officials the work of resource companies is not clear and there is no unified regulations for these services, It is planned to ensure the issuance of technical conditions, the signing of the contracts for technical connection and issuance of acts about technical connection to all networks I e-format via The Russian Government and Construction Ministry support the initiative of Moscow authorities and the |road map” haave been already developed.

The renovation program will cause the biggest reconstruction of engineering networks in history of the city. Today almost all communications in old districts of the city are working of the maximum load, many of them have already worked out their capacity and require total change.
The law about renovation that was adopted by Russian parliament gave Moscow authorities the opportunity to develop new document – complex scheme of engineering provision of the territories. This scheme will allow getting information about future networks and its characteristics even before the start of the construction. With its help it will be quicker to connect renovation facilities to engineering networks. It is predicted that it will help to reduce expenses for connection and simplify the procedure of connection.

We remind that today the terms of Development plan of land plot (GPZU), alignment of transport scheme for construction period have been reduced. It positively affects the terms of construction. Also the terms of land property relationships formalization will be reduced, the notification way of excavation works. These projects will be published in nearest future.

Source: «Stroitelnaya gazeta»