Rospotrebnadzor given recommendations for the work of construction enterprises


Rospotrebnadzor made recommendations on the work of agro-industrial and construction enterprises in the face of the continuing risks of the spread of COVID-19.

“The Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being sends“ Recommendations on the organization of work of agricultural enterprises in the face of the continuing risks of the spread of COVID-19 ″ for guidance in the work”

In particular, at the entrance to the enterprise, it is necessary to place information stands with memos for employees on compliance with preventive measures, including regular hand washing with soap or skin antiseptics throughout the day, the recommendations said.

“Delivering employees to work on the organization’s corporate transport (if possible). Carrying out ventilation, wet cleaning with the use of disinfectants on all surfaces of the vehicle interior at the end of the shift”, the document says.

It is also necessary to monitor the use by employees of all divisions of personal protective equipment (masks, gloves), organize the drinking regime of employees, regularly check the efficiency of ventilation systems in production, and so on.

Rospotrebnadzor also issued recommendations on the implementation of preventive and disinfecting measures for workers in the construction industry.

“To ensure the separation of all workers involved in the work of one construction project, by teams depending on the work performed, in order to minimize contact,” the recommendations said.

The specified division, they add in the department, must be taken into account when resettling workers in places of residence. In order to ensure the smooth execution of construction work, it is recommended to form reserve teams of workers or organize work as a shift method with no contact between different shifts outside the work.

“Limiting the movement of workers during the lunch break and during rest breaks: moving out of the territory of the enterprise (organization), moving to other areas, departments, premises associated with the performance of direct duties,” the recommendations said.

With centralized nutrition of workers, it is recommended to organize visits to the canteen by groups of sections, departments at a strictly defined time according to the approved schedule. Rospotrebnadzor also recommended that a centralized collection of used disposable masks be organized, and made a number of other recommendations for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus.

Source: RIA Novosti