Russia rise in the rating of countries comfortable for builders


Moscow and St. Petersburg have made a significant contribution to this achievement.

Russia in the international ranking of Doing Business in the direction of “Obtaining construction permits” shows steady growth. Over the past year, our country has risen by 67 positions – from 115th to 48th place. This result was the topic of a meeting on Tuesday between the head of the Moscow City Planning Policy Department Sergey Levkin and the head of the World Bank expert group on the indicator “Obtaining construction permits” of the Doing Business rating, Jayashri Sreenivisan. During a direct teleconference between Moscow and Washington, a detailed assessment of the quality of regulation of the construction sector in the Russian Federation by World Bank experts was given.

– The time for obtaining building permits has decreased, new standards have been introduced, and the quality of work control has increased. These measures allowed Russia to rise in the ranking, ”explained the success of our country to Jayashri Sreenivisan. – We estimate the costs, temporary and financial, for construction, as well as for quality control. Based on these indicators, each country is assigned a corresponding ranking line.

According to her, in Moscow there are the best world practices in insuring hidden flaws. Russia lacks one point on the quality control index to achieve the maximum value. This score is related to the presence of the compulsory insurance system for hidden defects.

– Responsibility and insurance are two more important indicators that experts pay attention to. Contractors and architects, all construction participants are required to comply with insurance rules, this will increase the responsibility, and therefore the rating of the country studied, the expert said. – Another indicator is a system of checks. What they should be: unscheduled, assessing the risks during the construction of the object, technical or other properties. The more complex the construction, the more risky it is to build the object, the more money it needs to create. We all do not want our construction to be expensive and burdensome. The process should be simple, without corruption.

Jayashri Srinivisan emphasized: stable processes in Moscow and St. Petersburg (construction procedures in both cities were taken as a basis for rating formation) suggest that the country may continue to rise in the rating in the future.

“The use of advanced international practices allows us to reduce construction time, improve inspection procedures and create a single set of rules for construction companies,” she noted.

Jayashri Srinivisan added that the methodology for studying global construction practices will not change yet.

In turn, Sergey Levkin said that the period for obtaining permits was reduced by six weeks, developers have access to a consolidated plan of underground utilities and buildings of the city in an electron form, and the reforms of the services provided simplify the lives of developers.

“The development of online services, wider access to information resources and the reduction of redundant documentation is something that still needs to be worked on,” said the head of department.

In particular, next year’s reforms imply the inclusion of archival engineering materials in the town-planning plan of the land plot, a reduction in the terms for concluding contracts with resource-supplying organizations for certain types of objects with a small amount of workload. In addition, the transfer into electronic form of all services of network organizations will be completed.

– Thus, we continue to work to reduce the administrative burden on our developers, – said Sergey Levkin. – We understand that it is impossible to infinitely shorten the deadlines for submitting permits. It is impossible for procedures to cause us to lose the quality and safety of new objects. We will bet on new services.

After December 20, developers will be able to submit a single application for connection to networks. Three training workshops will be held for them.

– This is a small, but still a revolution in terms of connecting to networks, – said the head of the department. – Filed one application – received three services. It is only necessary to provide a complete package of documents. In the online mode, you can track the fate of the application.

Jayashri Srinivisan added that permanent reforms in Moscow are positively displayed on the rating. The main thing, according to her, is that they continue in the complex, as in recent years.

“Moscow is setting the pace for developing countries,” the expert concluded.

Source: “Moskovskya perspeltiva”