Russia takes 7th place in the world in connection to power supply


For the first time, Russia entered the top 10 countries for connecting to the power supply system. In the ranking of the World Bank’s Doing Business group, the country took 7th place, the newspaper Izvestia writes. World Bank experts praised Rosseti’s reforms in the field of technological connection of consumers, which made it possible to accelerate the connection of small and medium-sized businesses in Moscow and St. Petersburg to electric networks and reduce the cost of connection for them.

In the final ranking, Doing Business noted the effectiveness of Russian reforms. As a result of the changes, the design and construction of electric grids decreased. The availability of power supply services for Russian consumers over the past five years has grown significantly, the report says. Experts have announced a high level of digitalization. The number of procedures has been reduced, with many of them transferred online. The connection period in Moscow and St. Petersburg was reduced from 162 to 41 days, the number of procedures was reduced from 3 to 2. In 2018, the cost of technological connection to networks was 93% of per capita income, in 2019 this figure dropped to 5%. “Tariff transparency” and “reliability index of power supply” Russia scored 8 points out of 8 possible. According to the indicator “connection to electric networks”, the country received 97.5 points out of 100.

At the end of 2018, World Bank experts said that the experience of Russian reforms to simplify the process of connecting to the electric network will be used in other countries.

The head of the Energy Development Fund, Sergei Pikin, noted that seven years ago, Russia ranked last in the Doing Business ranking. In his opinion, a sharp jump occurred due to the new connection procedure and changes in the legislation. Consumers are used to thinking that connecting to power grids is a long, complicated, and expensive process. However, now citizens can connect to networks in a short time for a nominal fee.

Sources: CIAN