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Work to reduce administrative barriers has reached a new level. The official portal of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow has implemented a new service that allows you to receive an electronic permit for the services of resource-supplying organizations to connect objects to various types of resources, including within a single application, the head of the Moscow city planning policy department Sergei Levkin told reporters last week .

In 2015, the volume of input of real estate in the capital reached 9 million square meters. meters, whipping up at the same time the problems associated with the timing of connecting objects to urban networks. “The backlog of work on connecting specific objects to networks from their construction could, according to Sergey Lyovkin, be up to one and a half years. At the same time, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin instructed us to reduce these deadlines, ”said the head of the department.

Optimization and unification of connection procedures began in 2015, and as early as next year, for the first time in Russia, Moscow began to convert services for technological connection of facilities under construction to urban networks to electronic form.

To date, all the main types of public services in the construction sector of the capital, ranging from the design of the Urban Development Plan of the land plot (GPZU) to the commissioning of the facility (21 public services in total), have been converted into electronic form and are provided using the service on the official portal of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow . At the same time, 16 public services, including obtaining permits for construction and commissioning of the facility, are provided only in electronic form. In parallel with this, the composition of the GPZU is expanded – now the document contains information on the technical conditions of connection, as well as on the networks of engineering and technical equipment located within the boundaries of the land plot.

To submit a single application to the developer, just go to the mayor portal and fill out a form containing information about the applicant and the connected object. The information system, taking into account the number of selected resources, automatically generates the required number of applications and sends them to the appropriate resource supplying organizations. Then, within the framework of interdepartmental electronic interaction, the applicant automatically receives documents from the executive authorities confirming the provision of a service. At the final stage, the developer and the specific network organization sign documents with electronic signatures in the private office of the mayor and the government of Moscow with electronic signatures without walking around instances, wasting time and effort.

The developer today can also receive technical specifications in electronic form, conclude agreements on connection (technological connection) of capital construction objects and issue acts of technological connection to the networks of electricity, gas, heat and water supply and drainage of six resource-supplying organizations – OEK JSC , PJSC “MOEK”, PJSC “MOESK”, JSC Mosvodokanal, JSC Mosgaz, JSC Mosoblgaz.

Only since December 20, 2018, the portal received more than 3.5 thousand applications, over 1.5 thousand of which were for the conclusion of agreements on the connection of objects to networks.

 “The online format has proven its effectiveness and convenience. It allowed reducing the time required for the developer to interact with network organizations at all stages of their services, ”said Sergey Levkin.

The head of the department also noted that the city is developing a unified information platform for the construction industry, which allows creating a resource using which the developer will be able to get from 1 to 18 types of public services on a general application, avoiding going to instances and working only with a computer in his office.

“It will take several years to develop such a platform.

This is a multifactorial, inter-sectoral, regional and federal task, therefore, realizing the idea, we will interact with several federal ministries, including the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Construction, ”emphasized Levkin.

By the beginning of next year, it is also planned to join the services of the State Unitary Enterprise Mosvostok to the work of the service of transferring public services to electronic form.

In the future, according to the head of the department, it is planned to transfer services for entering into additional agreements to network connection agreements into electronic form. In addition, proposals were prepared for the transfer to the electronic form of the service for issuing an act on the fulfillment of technical conditions.

Sergey Levkin noted that the practice of Moscow in the transfer to the electronic form of services related to network connection, is of interest in the regions. In this connection, the Russian government extended the experiment to provide them until 2021. By this time, the results of the experiment will be summed up and proposals for the implementation of the practice of providing services by network organizations in electronic form throughout Russia will be formed.

Source: Official website of Moscow Mayor