Services are multiplying online


Services for developers are allowing building easily.

Moscow is a leader of the country in terms of reduction of administrative barriers in construction. Its positive experience will be used in whole territory of the country. Today all state services in the city are transferred into e-format, their terms are shortened and a biggest part of them is cancelled. Moreover, convenient services that will relieve the work of developers are developed.

«The work of the Moscow government is obvious. When obtaining construction permits in almost 3.5 times – from 51 to 14 – it was possible to reduce the number of procedures. Also, the terms for obtaining a building permit have been reduced almost twofold – from 423 to 239 and a half days. Using Moscow experience the changes in alignment in other regions would be done. Exhaustive procedures will be excluded», –told the  head of the department for monitoring business initiatives and interaction with business associations of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), Dmitry Voronkov

All state services in construction are transferred into e-format in Moscow. Developers can get them not leaving the office via Moreover, some procedures were changed: they were combined with other or cancelled.

At the same time more than the half of procedures that are passed by the developers for cocnstruction of the facility are connected to resource providers. The period of construction is often increases because of them. According to initiative of Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin till the end of 2018 the changes in this sphere will be done: the number of required procedures will be reduced, other will be unified and transferred into e-format. Developers say that it will become a massive revolution in construction in the city.

Another way of work on reduction of administrative barriers is creation of special services that can simplify and speed up the work of developers, give them required consultation and get better feedback

The «Cabinet of developer» service is created to give a construction company an opportunity to get information about facility in construction and documents about it: conclusions of Mosgosexpertisa, Urban development plan, construction permit, occupancy permit and many other documents. Via the «Cabinet of developer» you can get information about supervisions of construction sites and fees. But the main is that it gives a chance to see the realization of procedures for every facility.

«We have significantly simplified the access to the «Cabinet of developer». The paper form for access is no longer needed. It is enough to apply online on The application will be considered in two days, previously it could take few weeks or even a month», – told the Head of Urban planning policy Department Sergey Levkin.

Today the unified informational area for construction companes is created on the basis of «Cabinet of developers». In the nearest future developers will have a chance to get the notifications after meeting about their facilities and get information about key events and goals.

Another service – Unified contact center –unites all consultation services and hotlines of construction complex. That means that instead of all of various telephones of authorities the unified operator that is responsible for answering to any question concerning urban planning policy is created.

«The creation of unified contact center of construction complex has number of goals, first of all it is the increase of awareness of members of construction about the realization of procedures in construction, the solution of problems of members of the market during getting the state services and the improvement of investment climate», – told Sergey Levkin. According to him, unified contact center can be used by any citizen, expert, investor or official to get all required information. «There are a lot of levels in the center. First level if the question is easy, if it is difficult and requires technical or professional conclusion then it is second level. If the second is not enough, the legislation or documentation should be checked. Then it is third level. If the answer requires time to gather all documentation together and give exhaustive answer – then it is fourth level», – he told.

One of the most popular services for developers is the «Calculator of procedures». It is an instrument that allows calculation of the price, terms and stages of construction procedures passage. It is enough to give information about construction of the facility and characteristics of the territory to work with it. Calculator will be implemented inside the «Cabinet of developer». «I suppose that for those who are first time in the business it is super service. For those who have experience it is a big help», – told Sergey Levkin. He says that it is the most popular service among developers.

The important area of work of construction complex is the awareness of investors about the procedures and regulations that are going to be changed. For these goals special mobile app that in fact is the unified informational channel that allows tracking the actual events and publications about changes in administrative procedures is developed.

The news, key publications and the experts opinions are constantly updating. Special service allows quickly send the message to hotline of Urban planning policy Department. The key announcements of related events and the opportunity of accreditation to them is also available in the app.

The «Guide to procedures» is also available on «Building is easy» website. This is a service that will help to understand all state services in construction that are available online: which documents are required, what are the terms of passage, where to apply e.t.c.

Источник: Moskovskaya perspektiva