Simplified Submission of Requests for Construction Permits on


On the website, we upgraded the electronic services “Registration of a construction permit” and “Obtaining permission to commission an object”. Updates conducted in connection with changes in federal legislation. Now those who are planning to build a house on their land plot are not required to obtain permission for individual housing construction.

If earlier in the section “Registration of construction permits” the user could only extend the validity of the document, now he has the opportunity to make changes in it, related, in particular, to changes in the technical and economic indicators of the object or a change in the title holder of the land plot.

In addition, the user can use agreements and decisions on the establishment of a servitude or a public servitude as title documents. The same innovation is valid for such online services as obtaining permission to commission the facility.

Also for registration of a building permit, the following documents are no longer required:

– conclusion of the examination of the project documentation in case of using the modified project documentation;

– a bank guarantee agreement for improper fulfillment by the developer of its obligations under equity participation agreements (in the case of extending the term of the permit for the construction of an apartment building);

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– Contract of civil liability insurance of developers (in the case of extension of the term of the permit for the construction of an apartment building).

Also introduced changes in the submission of applications in the section “Permission to enter the facility in operation.” Users are no longer needed:

– a document confirming compliance of the constructed, reconstructed capital construction object with the requirements of technical regulations;

– text and graphic descriptions of the location of the borders of the protection zone.


A construction permit must be issued before the start of work. The lists of documents for obtaining the service may vary depending on the construction of which object the permit is issued. Town Planning Code stand out:

– the object of individual housing construction (IZhS) – a separate building with the number of floors of not more than three, a height of not more than 20 meters. It is not intended to be divided into independent real estate;

– a capital construction object – a building, structure, structure, facilities whose construction is not completed, with the exception of temporary structures, kiosks, sheds, and so on;

– Linear object – power lines, communication lines, including linear-cable structures, as well as pipelines, roads, railway lines and other similar objects.

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From August 4, 2018, it is not necessary to obtain a permit for the construction or reconstruction of a garage, which is located on a land plot provided for purposes not related to business activities; residential house, garden house, outbuildings on the garden plot, the object of individual housing construction, an object that is not an object of capital construction.

According to the new standards, the construction and reconstruction of individual construction objects and garden houses are held in a notification procedure. Notice of the planned construction or reconstruction must be submitted in writing, in person, to the Committee of the State Construction Supervision of Moscow at 9 Bryanskaya Street.

Documents required for obtaining permission:

– application for the provision of public services;

– document proving the identity of the applicant;

– a document certifying the identity of the representative, and a document certifying the powers of the representative (when an authorized representative applies);

– title documents for the land plot;

– the consent of all rightholders of the capital construction object in the event of its reconstruction;

– positive conclusion of non-state examination of the project documentation of the capital construction object (separate stage of construction), if such project documentation is subject to examination;

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– the decision of the general meeting of owners of premises and parking spaces in an apartment building, and if as a result of such a reconstruction there will be a reduction in the size of common property in an apartment building – the consent of all owners of premises and parking spaces in an apartment building (in case of renovation of an apartment building);

– a copy of the decision to establish or change the zone with special conditions for the use of the territory in the case of construction of a capital construction object.

The application must be submitted online on the portal