Support for constructors


Industry support measures will be included in the national economic recovery plan

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin held a meeting this week on supporting the construction complex and housing and communal services. “These are key, socially significant sectors,” the prime minister emphasized. – It is important that they can quickly normalize their work. To this end, measures to support the construction complex and housing and communal services will be included in the national action plan, the formation of which is now being completed (the document should be submitted to the president by June 1 – “Stroygazeta”).

According to the head of government, in all regions of the country it is necessary to maintain the volume of construction in the framework of national projects and federal targeted programs, as well as the level of employment. For this, a program has been developed for the development of housing construction and mortgage lending, which provides for an increase in the availability of loans and their conversion to electronic form.

Large-scale infrastructure projects should not stop: construction of roads and railways, modernization of port and airfield complexes. For this, it is necessary to further reduce administrative barriers and change approaches to the establishment of technical requirements, so that the construction time for capital construction projects is reduced. “The deadline for the entry into force of new requirements for obtaining a building permit has already been delayed for three years,” said the Prime Minister. – Thus, the industry got the opportunity not to waste time adapting to new administrative procedures. This will allow us not to slow down the pace of construction, which is extremely necessary in the current situation. ” It is also necessary to quickly determine the mechanisms for providing state guarantees for the purchase of new apartments. This will support developers and enter homes in 2020.

At a meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin spoke about some measures to support the construction industry and housing and communal services. According to him, in the past few weeks, the government has been actively discussing activities that are proposed to be included in the national plan, more than two hundred of them have been worked out. As a result, more than fifty amendments to federal laws are to be adopted and approximately the same number of by-laws are to be prepared. In particular, a lot of preparatory work has been done to reduce regulatory measures, to conduct tenders, procurement procedures, and requirements for technical standards and regulations. According to the deputy chairman of the government, this will significantly reduce the overall investment and construction cycle. “That is, for at least one year, we will build faster from idea to delivery,” said Marat Khusnullin. “For some projects that are also approved in the national plan, the terms will be reduced by more than two times.”

12 billion rubles allocated to subsidize interest rates on loans for developers