The Minstroy of Russia supported the introduction of a mandatory qualification assessment for builders


On Tuesday, August 4, Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation Vladimir Yakushev and President of the National Association of Builders (NOSTROY) Anton Glushkov got acquainted with the procedure for holding a professional exam for construction organizers as part of an independent qualification assessment and met with the leadership of NRU MGSU.

 “The pandemic has shown that the construction industry has a serious need for high-level specialists. NRU MGSU is part of a large system of training professional personnel for construction. But the university is not only engaged in training specialists, but also performs a large amount of research work. The Ministry of Construction supports mandatory independent assessment of the qualifications of builders. It is important that this assessment is put on stream, especially taking into account how the regulatory framework is changing today, new technologies appear. It is necessary to organize the process of passing the exam with high quality, ”said Vladimir Yakushev.

At the university, the minister was shown the procedure for conducting a professional exam and the use of modern proctoring technologies used to ensure the transparency of the exam procedures and the reliability of its results.

“At the university, we are developing the entire“ line ”of professional education: secondary, higher and additional professional education. In addition, we take part in the work of the Association of Building Higher Educational Institutions … We actively cooperated with colleagues from the NOSTROY Association. This is our long-term partner and very respected. Our experts have developed test materials for the professional exam and its methodological part. We work closely with the Ministry of Construction of Russia and regard our participation in the project as a landmark. We will continue to develop it, ”said Pavel Akimov, acting rector of NRU MGSU.

Azari Lapidus, Head of the Department of Technology and Organization of Construction Production at NRU MGSU, spoke about the practical part of the exam and the procedure for conducting it. Professor Lapidus also noted the large-scale scientific work carried out by the university and his participation in the development of industry professional standards.

Vladimir Yakushev took part in a solemn meeting of the Council of the National Association of Builders and on the eve of the professional holiday presented honorary signs and certificates to representatives of the professional community. Among them are the head of the construction site SU-11 “Lipetskstroy-L” Alexander Gugnin, the head of the finishing work section of the construction and installation department of JSC “Specialized developer PZSP” Tatyana Spiridonova, facing-tiler JSC “TRANS-SEVER” Sergey Karpov.

Source: Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation