The procedure for connecting to the engineering networks is simplified


Active work on reducing the administrative burden on the construction business has been conducted in the capital since 2011. One of the main directions of this work was the digitization of the industry and the transfer of services provided by the state to electronic form. Since December last year, metropolitan developers have been able to connect their new facilities to all types of engineering networks in electronic form – through the official portal of the mayor and the government of Moscow.

The rapid development of Moscow and active construction require not only the common effort of architects, engineers, planners, workers and other specialists, but also well-functioning mechanisms of their interaction that work without failures. It is no secret that sometimes the receipt and approval of all permits, its expertise took almost more time than the installation and construction works themselves. Especially now, when important programs such as the construction of transport and social infrastructure are being implemented in Moscow, previously abandoned industrial zones are being developed and housing renovation has been launched, all the processes of interaction between the construction industry have accelerated many times.

In 2013, the first 7 procedures were translated into electronic form. Now all the major public services in the construction industry, ranging from the design of the GEPU and ending with the commissioning of the object – a total of 19 public services – have been translated into an online format. In this case, 15 of them are provided exclusively in electronic form. Importantly, as part of the services of the Moscow building complex, the electronic service is available in full: from filing an application to obtaining a result.

However, one of the most pressing issues for developers has always been to connect buildings under construction to various engineering networks. Each resource-supplying organization had its own requirements, regulations, and, most unpleasantly, the timing of the paperwork for accession. Back in 2017, in order to optimize this process, Moscow initiated an experiment to translate the services of resource-supplying organizations into electronic form. From December 2018, all developers will have access to an electronic form of a single application for connection to all types of engineering networks through the official portal of the mayor and the government of Moscow. You can apply online for obtaining technical conditions, for signing connection agreements and for issuing acts of technological connection to 6 grid companies: PJSC MOESK, JSC OEK, PJSC MOEK, JSC Mosvodokanal, JSC MOSGAZ, JSC Mosoblgaz.

– In less than three months since the launch of the service, more than 2,000 applications for the services of resource-supplying organizations for connecting to the networks of engineering and technical support have been submitted through the official portal of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow. I am sure that the new service will become popular among developers, ”said Sergei Levkin, head of the Moscow City Planning Policy Department. In case of successful testing of the Moscow initiative, this practice will be distributed throughout Russia. Based on existing requests from developers, the Moscow Government is working to incorporate other resource-supplying organizations into the experiment, for example, the Mosvodostok state unitary enterprise.

In order to promptly advise developers on changes in the construction industry, the Moscow authorities regularly hold educational seminars. Since the beginning of this program, more than 30 training events have already taken place, at which specialists discussed the preparation of project documentation, state examination, cadastral registration, registration of ownership, the procedure for putting the facility into operation and other issues. Such events are highly demanded by market participants, as they give a complete picture of the innovations in the field of obtaining documents for the construction of facilities.

Moreover, in order to ensure greater transparency of all processes, the Unified Contact Center of the Moscow Construction Complex (ECC) started its activities in 2017, for which a constantly updated database was created. The contact center is engaged in consultations on a wide range of issues related to construction, including the passage of administrative procedures. Therefore, developers come here. They are primarily interested in issues related to the territory planning projects (TEP), making changes to land use and development rules (PZZ), the procedure for issuing a GFDU and obtaining a building permit, as well as coordinating the design of the sign placement. “Here, feedback from developers is being worked out, information on the usefulness of various consultations is being collected. We clearly monitor the effectiveness of our work, the number of issues resolved by appeals from developers. Even if we can’t help immediately and answer the question, the specialists take the caller’s contacts, receive the necessary certificate, and then redirect them to the applicants, ”said Elena Lepikhina, the head of the center. You can call the Single Contact Center at 8 (499) 401-01-01.

However, Moscow does not intend to stop at this either. With the support of federal ministries, a unified information platform is being developed in the construction industry. “Now we are at the very beginning of the development of a unified information platform in the construction industry, which will allow us to group services according to construction stages and ultimately reduce the amount of interaction between the developer and the government and save him time,” said Serey Levkin.

Source: “Moskovsky Komsomolets” March 21, 2019