Training workshop on cadastral account real estate held for developers


Lyubov Tsvetkova, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Investors of Moscow, Stanislav Krymov, Deputy Head of the Department for Optimization of Procedures in the Construction Department of the City Planning Policy Department, Marina Serezhnikova, Head of the Document Processing and Accounting Section of the Federal Register Office in Moscow, participated in the seminar. Expert of the Department of Coordination and Analysis of Activities in the Registration and Registration Sphere of the Office of the Federal Registration Service Moscow Dmitry Karpov and other personnel registration bodies.

During the seminar, representatives of Rosreestr’s bodies told about the procedure for registering various objects in cadastre, the most frequent mistakes in drawing up documents and the procedure for eliminating comments in applications. The issue of digitization of the procedure and prospects for the use of electronic digital signature was also discussed.

In addition, the attention of the discussion participants was attracted by the problem of delimitation of land plots under the already constructed objects, registration of engineering infrastructure objects. The issue of interaction between developers and resource-supplying organizations in the process of cadastral registration and transfer of constructed engineering objects turned out to be topical.

The representatives of the developers were also interested in the issues of interaction between the structural units of the Capital Construction Complex and the Resreest organs, as well as the procedure for document flow between them. Also, the seminar participants were told about the interaction of the Office of Rosreestra in Moscow with Self-Regulatory Organizations (SRO) of cadastral engineers